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Synonyms for counterpoise

a stable state characterized by the cancellation of all forces by equal opposing forces

to act as an equalizing weight or force to

Synonyms for counterpoise

a weight that balances another weight

constitute a counterweight or counterbalance to

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Counterpoise (violin, clarinet and saxophones, trumpet and piano -- the remarkably alert Iain Farrington) contributed well-judged collaborations, and highlights included piano music by Zemlinsky and Gustav Mahler's haunting Wo die schonen Trompeten blasen.
He also called on the dwindling members of the Liberal Party to forge a minority coalition with party-list members and other representatives 'to become the reasonable, credible and vigilant counterpoise to the new administration.
The introduction consists of a 2005 Counterpoise interview.
the only opposition force, a counterpoise to the ruling regime, and now that it is collapsing there is no alternative to it," Makeyan said.
Manual traces accordingly counterpoise signs of the machine, both thematically--in recurrent depictions of hands--and in the drawings' intricate graphic patterning and hand-colored effects.
An important counterpoise to Mavis in the film is Matt Freehauf (Oswalt), a student non-entity whom Mavis remembers only vaguely as 'The hatecrime guy'.
The unit's internal counterpoise eliminates the need for an external ground plane and maximizes performance.
Whereas the exigencies of globalization demand a united and cohesive response from Africa (exemplified by the reconstitution of the OAU into the AU) in order to counterpoise the threat of further marginalization, the paradox is that individual African nation-states have yet to overcome the contradictions of ethnic balkanization (p.
5 describes the use of a counterpoise or lightning protection system to provide a path of low resistance for the energy of a lightning strike to safely dissipate without causing damage to airfield equipment or injury to personnel.
But I do know this: If Iraq were a free society, attending the growth of free minds, from childhood to ripe self-consciousness - free minds nurtured by the unrestrained, fearless drive to innovation and originality - then that country would have long since produced great political leaders who would have acted as a kind of living mirror of their people's aspirations, a vital counterpoise, a genuine echo of the 'folkgeist'.
A line of piano keys surrounds the outer ring, while the sound beats are signaled by a seconds hand whose counterpoise takes the form of a treble clef.
In "Return to My Childhood Home," what is too painful to be understood is firmly held in counterpoise with remembered contentment: "Yet happy moments come to me from the past, like bridesmaids carrying oil lamps.
Dull's work is a welcome counterpoise to these simplistic interpretations.
They are the bow and arrow, water and wind mills, counterpoise siege engines, pendulum clock anchor escapement, and centrifuge governor (to keep a motor from turning too fast).