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Synonyms for counterpoise

a stable state characterized by the cancellation of all forces by equal opposing forces

to act as an equalizing weight or force to

Synonyms for counterpoise

a weight that balances another weight

constitute a counterweight or counterbalance to

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A bit of angst is perhaps a healthy counterpoise to the famous American tendency to braggadocio, manifest not so long ago in post-Cold War unipolar triumphal posturing.
But I do know this: If Iraq were a free society, attending the growth of free minds, from childhood to ripe self-consciousness - free minds nurtured by the unrestrained, fearless drive to innovation and originality - then that country would have long since produced great political leaders who would have acted as a kind of living mirror of their people's aspirations, a vital counterpoise, a genuine echo of the 'folkgeist'.
A line of piano keys surrounds the outer ring, while the sound beats are signaled by a seconds hand whose counterpoise takes the form of a treble clef.
In this "new economy," new kinds of assets like education and innovative R&D, while not reflected on traditional balance sheets, help to act as a counterpoise for traditional liabilities like lack of savings and debts.
These were the kind of librarians who welcomed each issue of Counterpoise, a journal founded in 1997 by Charles Willett, because of its ability to "concentrat[e] information" about alternative and hard-to-find materials in one place (Dilevko & Dali, 2004, p.
Briskman's advocacy of critical theory-informed practice can be seen as a counterpoise to a still-prevailing body of micro-level clinical practice literature.
They are the bow and arrow, water and wind mills, counterpoise siege engines, pendulum clock anchor escapement, and centrifuge governor (to keep a motor from turning too fast).
In a book that blends history and physics, Denny introduces five lesser-known machines that also changed our world: the bow and arrow, the waterwheel, the counterpoise siege engine, the pendulum clock anchor escapement, and the centrifugal governor.
The composer needed no specific trigger for this work, just to follow his naturally sombre mood and partly to act as a counterpoise to the student joy of his Academic Festival Overture written in the same year.
TR Counterpoise ribbon mixer has two independently driven, nonintermeshing ribbon assemblies that are said to provide faster but still gentle mixing.
Or when watching the perfect synchronisation which is needed for Apollo as Robert Parker balances three dancers Elisha Willis, Sakuma and Ambra Vallo in counterpoise.
So the Constitution came to be, following this instruction of counterpoise or balance, reflected in the planets as well as literature.
Etzioni sees the fruitful counterpoise of East and West in a happy exchange of the best of both worlds--a communitarian ideal.