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Synonyms for counterpoint

striking difference between compared individuals


Synonyms for counterpoint

a musical form involving the simultaneous sound of two or more melodies

to show differences when compared

write in counterpoint

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For the Counterpoints; we invited the top HR practice leaders from five leading executive search firms to respond to the academic gurus and to share their cross-industry experience of the changing expectations in the CEO suite of their HR departments.
In the preface to the edition, Agee draws upon the well-documented evidence laid out in his article "Costanzo Festa's Gradus ad Parnassum" (Early Music History 15 [1996]: 1u58) to argue convincingly that the 125 counterpoints on the basse danse "La Spagna" misattributed to Giovanni Maria Nanino (1543 or 1544u1607) in the manuscript Bologna, Civico Museo Bibliografico Musicale C36, arc in fact Festa's lost exercises.
Unlike the dialogue structure adopted by Fux to illustrate the principles, Festa's collection of counterpoints presents only music.
Counterpoint: Then why are they often produced and marketed by different ethical standards (Camara & Schneider, 1994)?
Counterpoint: The validity coefficient is closer to .13 or less when actual theft is used as the criterion (Rieke & Guastello, 1995).
(14.) The bass counterpoint in Example 12 follows a different strategy from the counterpoints of Examples 5 and 8: it descends to a low point coinciding with the climax of the soprano at measure 7.
Counterpoint: Sixty percent to 70% of pharmacists practice in a community setting.
Contrasting with the birds' deadpan naturalism are the brightly colored patterns in the background--checks, stripes, hearts, stars--which serve as absurd counterpoints, examples of human whimsy offsetting the rigid determinism of nature.
This counterpoints the evocation, in the architectural models, of interior spaces as protective zones--protection also against ill-suited interpellations of identity--and thereby relativizes Schneider's use of the term "architecture," because her models in no way suggest living spaces hut rather serve as places for the imagination.
The people portrayed do not drown in this sea of times and moments, they keep rising to the surface, respecting the counterpoints, showing feelings, returning to the light.
Forcing the viewer to flee the room, Lewandowsky told me, is a "counterpoint to the atmosphere that one otherwise associates with galleries." The tables are turned: the art on view is just an accessory to the fetishistically adorned white cube.
Counterpoint contributions usually run from 500 to 750 words.