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Synonyms for counterplot

a plot intended to subvert another plot


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make a plot in response to another plot

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The failure of Caliban's plotting is constructed as a theatrical inevitability, or as a formal refusal to construct a second counterplot. Severing the outcomes of the two revenge plots, the play uses Caliban's failed counter-narrative of change to highlight the dangerous logic of plotmaking as an enterprise.
To be sure, Hartman had begun working out his great theme of the gentling of apocalypse as early as "Miltons Counterplot" (1958)--that extraordinary Wordsworthianizing reading of Milton--but not until Wordsworths Poetry is this theme fully developed as a dialectic internal to the imagination.
There is plot and counterplot, not to mention the odd mythical creature, and more themes than you can shake a sword at.
One might be able to consider the beekeeping episodes as a kind of counterplot (as Geoffrey Hartman called that sense of an omnipresent divine providence protecting creation in Paradise Lost, especially those redemptive images embedded in the pastoral similes in Books I and II) if, in the shadow of the Waldschloss, one could imagine good coming out of evil.
As his concluding reference to the Book of Judges suggests, Wordsworth was here drawing on a counterplot within contemporary discussions of tautology, which developed out of the analysis of oral and biblical verse and defended the repetition of the same word as a means of desynonymization and differentiation.
He tempered his remarks by denouncing the attack on the churches but hinted that the attacks could be a counterplot to smear Islam.
It will be no surprise to Roth fans that, as the publisher puts it, "into this shattering account of inexplicable and terrifying self-evacuation bursts a counterplot of unusual erotic desire." NOV
(26) In the counterplot, a band of love-struck foresters seek vengeance against Ceres' nymphs, who are themselves punished by Cupid for their stubborn chastity.
6g Desert Prince - Counterplot Tristar 362332 Rated 87 when we had him, he got to a mark of 128.
As the detective's counterplot works itself out, themes of sexual repression and hypocrisy lurk beneath the surface.
(271.) SOME OBSERVATION'S ON OUR TRADE, AND THE USE OF A STANDARD 101 (n.d.) ("[I]f they find that our advantage arises by the use of Notes, they may easily counterplot us by Coining Paper Money also....").
Her loss of virginity in this episode works as a counterplot to Tracee's quest for domesticity.
This realization culminated in the client reauthoring an alternative version of herself--a counterplot, if you will--to the dominant story that had oppressed her for so long.