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a plaintiff's reply to a defendant's plea

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Quintilian (3.11.15) records that there were some who thought the stasis of the zetema ([J.sub.1]) may differ from the stasis of the krinomenon ([J.sub.2]); applied to the case of the adulterous eunuch, this theory might yield the conclusion that the stasis of the zetema is counterplea, that of the krinomenon definition.
There is a reference to the killing of a hero as an adulterer; but immediately after that two cases are mentioned, one a counterplea and one a definition; the difference in stasis is determined by the different quality of the persons involved.
It is perhaps worth noting that the variant of Position A evidenced in the equation of stasis and sunekhon may provide a clue to the rival interpretation of the adulterous eunuch as counterplea. This view depends on the analysis being truncated before arguments about whether a eunuch can be an adulterer enter into consideration.
The latter is the phasis sunektike and determines the stasis (in this case, counterplea).
The rest of the opera is full of trials and torture, accusations and denials, pleas and counterpleas. But in the end, Beatrice goes to the scaffold anyway, oddly triumphant in escaping the whole sorry mess.