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(chess) an attack that is intended to counter the opponent's advantage in another part of the board

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Counterplay implies that to understand digital games we must move beyond the notion of the materiality of code--and a hermeneutic approach to digital game scholarship that conceptualizes digital games as clearly defined singular artefacts that may be examined and understand in isolation--in order to make visible the role of everyday life in shaping digital game play.
Like the game itself, Counterplay is an enjoyable mental exercise.
But this counterplay took time and we had made several dashes of ten or twenty yards before they grew wise.
There's an inspired counterplay of taste and texture with this pairing," he says.
Principles dictate that if you are materially ahead it is logical to swap off to deny counterplay, but in this instance it is a mistake.
I've taken out a patent and registered a company called Counterplay (www.
The company recently entered the life reinsurance market to build up a business that had more stable long-term earnings as a counterplay balance to the short-term or volatile earnings on the property/casualty side, said Bob Douglas, head of life reinsurance operations for the Bermuda-based company.
Homer's interest in the receding or regressive space of literacy's introversions put his work into counterplay with a motif of American realism identified by the new Oxford History of American Art as "Jacksonian Readers" (Groseclose 71-74), rural men pictured leaning back with the democratizing discourse of their daily papers.
More's book of Utopia should be seen as a specifically dianoic form of presentation, in the fictional mode of "illustration" (as Scholes and Kellogg call it) rather than "representation," participating in the Renaissance's characteristic fictional tension between "idea and act," as Davis demonstrates, so as to engage in the most essential counterplay of "fact and fiction," in Nelson's terms.
From free play to counterplay, Iser finds the four categories interacting regularly whenever we read.
In the next match I covered a different 10-minute period in the same way so that after a number of matches, I knew his game very well, his defensive moves, his counterplay.
Undefined, these headings sound coldly abstract, as do certain binary alternatives Kerman relies on, such as discourse or display, replay or counterplay, and (overflowing the chapters assigned to them) polarity or reciprocity.
The Threepenny Opera and Edward II are transformations, rather than mere translations, of the English, Bentley asserted, and Edward II in particular is a counterplay, a rewriting of Marlowe.
This counterplay between light and colour lends a vibrancy to the setting which, as one customer noted, "is in direct contrast to the grey/black seediness of average sex shops".
I can only register the play and counterplay of thousands of big and small forces.