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Synonyms for counterplan

a plot intended to subvert another plot


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23) To prevent Israel from diverting the water it needed, the heads of the Arab states adopted, in two summit conferences in 1964, a counterplan to divert the Jordan's water at its source, the Jordan's tributaries in Lebanon and Syria.
109) Sang Kyum Kim, The Counterfunction of Spam Mail and Counterplan, 3 INTERNET L.
The Los Angeles County Public Works Department is looking at the counterplan by Sleepy Valley residents to change a traffic pattern rather than destroy the meandering orchard that blocks visibility for some motorists.
In March, they presented city officials with a counterplan.
Yet until the left figures out a counterplan that works, authors like him will have to keep on plowin'.
The government's plan is not the only reform plan before the Diet -- the largest opposition party, Minshuto (Democratic Party of Japan), has submitted its own counterplan.
Simply knowing what a counterplan should sound like can prove helpful in a debate.
As the games become more complex, the enemies will need to plan, counterplan, and adapt to the strategies and tactics of their enemies, using plan recognition, opponent modeling techniques, and learning.
Convinced that the Soviet socialist model left no space for private entrepreneurship, Bayar sought a counterplan and expert advice from the U.