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an offer made by someone who has rejected a prior offer

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If your home is new on the market and has turned out to be a hot property, you may not want to be bound by a counteroffer. But if a couple of weeks have gone by and your house is widely exposed the market is probably operating normally.
The study found that selfish individuals are likely to meet suggestions with counteroffers even when the suggestions somewhat coincide with their own preferences.
The findings show staff members who accept counteroffers typically end up leaving the company in less than two years anyway.
(11) If the acceptance is not a mirror image of the offer, it rejects the initial offer and operates as a counteroffer. This is still the rule for most contract negotiations unless the contract involves the sale of goods.
Accepting a counteroffer creates high expectations on both sides.
But Cameron believes the EU's counteroffer should be applicable for as long as is necessary to solve the underlying problem and only treated as a stop-gap measure before a permanent mechanism can be established, the source said.
The Pentagon, in collaboration with Lockheed, is expecting a counteroffer from Riyadh, according to the Defense News report.
Department of Energy and Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden made public by Wasden show that the federal agency balked at a counteroffer Wasden made seeking a way around the malfunctioning Integrated Waste Treatment Unit at the Idaho National Laboratory.
But Simon Cowell has thrown a spanner in the works by making a counteroffer. Sources say Rita is "flattered" - and is considering a switch.
When you tender your resignation, it's quite possible that your employer will make you a counteroffer with increased pay or a promotion in a bid to get you to stay with the company.
In its counteroffer, the district would give the Y a not-yet-specified amount of time to pay the full purchase price for the 5.22-acre property at 24th Avenue and Hilyard Street in south Eugene.
You may have to prompt your candidate if the response is "I have no idea." Also, beware of the "My company almost never makes a counteroffer" answer.
The remaining common law category for such a response to an offer was "counteroffer." (44) Characterizing a response to an offer as a counteroffer simply because it contains an unimportant boilerplate term, however, also undermined the reasonable expectations of the offeror whom the rule was designed to protect.
But as he was thinking it over, Jack was shocked to receive a comparable counteroffer from his current employer.