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an attack by a defending force against an attacking enemy force in order to regain lost ground or cut off enemy advance units etc

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exercise of liberty and autonomy, and by the same logic, countermoves
These were urgent countermoves against U.S./NATO incursions right up to Russia's borders (imagine Russia moving into British Columbia).
Supporting activities from continuously monitoring, mining and interpreting massive streams of real-time data to determining the best course of action while anticipating possible countermoves is about as knowledge-intensive as it gets.
Subject to the increasingly repressive countermoves of her husband, Carol kidnapped Peter from school in 1969, taking off with him and his two older brothers for Berkeley and freedom.
As New Delhi moves more firmly into its strategic alliance with the United States, one can expect more countermoves from Beijing, but given the massive trade volume between India and China one should not expect push to come to shove anytime soon and nor should Pakistan take Chinese support for granted.
and Russia make moves and countermoves that mimic practice during the Cold War."
On the other hand, Dean Bowley's classmates had clearly identified the plan that the enemy most certainly would have already ascertained to be our most likely course of action and planned countermoves accordingly.
What do you do after you've occupied the "Square" or the "Park" and the government starts countermoves? How do you think these movements that are fueled by social media will evolve to tackle these problems?
However, as ADRP 6-0 states, "Military operations are complex, human endeavors characterized by the continuous, mutual adaptation of give and take, moves, and countermoves among all participants." (2) Leaders must adapt in seconds; the mission is already changing before execution.
"If she takes office, Tsai will see her 'Taiwan Independence' policy responded to by powerful countermoves from the mainland," influential tabloid the Global Times, run by the Communist Party's official People's Daily, wrote in an editorial on Monday.
It includes specific strategies and proposals on issues ranging from environmental issues to the nations' presences in Korea, the Middle East, Taiwan, and more, with suggested moves and countermoves that make up Goldstein's "cooperation spiral" strategy.
Following countermoves on both sides, a crossing fee per truck of $1,500 was imposed for trucks by both sides.
Thus begins a game of cat and mouse akin to the ones spies used to play in the Cold War, with moves and countermoves and subterfuge and lies and trickery and sometimes poison.
The overpowering supply and demand equation is heavily-weighted in favour of the bears, which is allowing them to continually block the bulls from making any countermoves.
The comparisons are apt, as those types of competition frequently involve countermoves -- or, in the case of boxing, counterpunches.