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(military) a march in the reverse direction or back along the same route

march back along the same way

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change the order of soldiers during a march

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The strategy of resemantization was meant to do just that: As explained, in one of the tweets, the intent of the proimmigration activists was to take Milan back and to "flood the streets as well as the hashtags." Milan became a metonymy for antiracism; its heroic role in the Resistance was a central part of the discursive strategy of the countermarch. On the other hand, it was somewhat surprising to notice a lack of progressive activists' interaction with mainstream media on Twitter.
Without doubt, his concept of deep operations was the European Countermarch of the 20th century that changed the way of war.
Indeed, there is compelling evidence that Chinese musket units deployed countermarch tactics well before those tactics permeated European warfare, and the ratios of gunners to traditional units seem to have been as high or higher in Chinese infantry units through 1600 (Andrade 2015b).
Dapifer spaniels countermarch multipliable notables
"I can't wait." Ian Stewart TOP TREND: Thousands turned out for a countermarch against Pegida UK in Newcastle on Saturday.
Countermarch was only having her second run when winning going away from Symphonic Dancer at Wolverhampton.
Rowe added: "She was very interested in all aspects of the nine-and-a-half-month course particularly because there is an ex-student of ours called Kieran O'Neill in Richard Hannon's yard who rode Countermarch to win in her colours at Wolverhampton in March and she knew all about him.
LEGAL ETHICS 1453, 1454 (2005) (observing that while the percent-of-fund model enjoyed a brief recovery in the 1990s, its "revival has in the last decade prompted a judicial countermarch in the form of a lodestar cross-check or test of the reasonable percentage by reference to reasonable hours and rates") (quotation marks omitted); see also Casey, supra note 40, at 1277, 1302 (describing the prevalence of the percent-of-fund approach during the 1990s and the emergence of the lodestar cross-check in this century).
When he flipped a countermarch on the football field, his shoulders jostled the French horn player in front of him and the tuba player behind him.
These rumors sparked a countermarch after Shi'a Governor Anwari made a public speech commemorating the holiday.
For instance, pikemen would take a defensive position and one rank of musketeers would fire, countermarch to the rear and reload while other ranks fired; the end result would be a continuous volley.
On the few occasions when either of Kopel's "serious" solutions was seriously considered, it was the second, and then only to be dismissed in some such fashion as The New York Times did: Even worse ideas [i.e., than those of the NRA] came from some participants in a countermarch staged by gun advocates.
From there, instruction became more specific: "When you will countermarch to the right hand, The first Ranke of Leaders only must advance one step forward with the right leg, and then turne".(87) Other authors were equally precise.
Similarly, his criticism of "leftists" and "secular Jewish humanists" is a countermarch from his pluralistic trajectory toward all diverse perspectives that urge a better world.
So politically, it's smart to offend the Irish and stand up for gays and lesbians (even though, in inimitable Dinkins style, he ended up offending them too, after police arrested 218 demonstrators who held a countermarch).