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actions taken by a government to defeat insurgency

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(19) The generation of asymmetry through guerrilla tactics has both advantages and disadvantages, which must be examined with respect to the function of strategy, that is, the conversion of violence into desired political effect for both the insurgent and the counterinsurgent.
Although some of the subtle concepts and themes throughout could serve as intriguing, perhaps unsettling, parallels between the Nazi counterinsurgent efforts in the desperate, waning days of World War II and the US efforts against enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan, O'Donnell in no way attempts to present or propose strategies or tactics for current operations.
(59) Not restricted by truth, (60) insurgents will often attempt to mischaracterize, exaggerate, or lie about counterinsurgent actions to garner the support of the local population.
In sum, despite its growing popularity as a counterinsurgency strategy, siege warfare rarely is effective to defeat an enemy, seize or control important terrain, or change the balance of power to end a war--barring a major outside intervention or a willingness on the part of the counterinsurgent to nearly level the area under siege.
Second, the growth of the indigenous security apparatus and lack of counterinsurgent control of the population and territory of Afghanistan are the most relevant variables in determining the increase in the relative rate of insider attacks.
This is because the governorate's geography creates difficult terrain for counterinsurgents. In this regard, Deir ez-Zor has three distinct topologies.
This political project did not appear suddenly in the domestic crime policies of the Lyndon Johnson or Richard Nixon administrations, but rather it should be understood as part of a counterinsurgent strategy of confinement with deep roots in the political economy of US capitalism and imperialism, which took a distinct shape in this decisive conjuncture.
the power differential between insurgent and counterinsurgent. (32)
Carentan is in the grip of a snow storm, and under siege by a counterinsurgent German Wehrmacht force," ( Sledgehammer Games said .
An emphasis on tactical categories may obscure political variability of both the would-be insurgent and the counterinsurgent. Politics and resultant policies are contingent upon cultural, economic, and other types of beliefs of the day and on the specific responsible decisionmakers.
During the occupation, counterinsurgent analysts typically distinguished between violent Islamist groups in Iraq, including AQI, and what they considered to be secular Iraqi nationalist insurgent groups.
Along the same lines, contemporary Australian counterinsurgency (COIN) expert David Kilcullen defines COIN as "a competition with the insurgent for the right and the ability to win the hearts, minds and acquiescence of the population." (5) He notes that for success, the counterinsurgent must use combat power carefully, indeed even sparingly, because misapplied firepower "creates blood feuds, homeless people and societal disruption that fuels and perpetuates the insurgency." He adds, "The most beneficial actions are often local politics, civic action, and beat-cop behaviors.
That war commenced after Soviet ally Vietnam invaded Cambodia in late 1978, replaced the Khmer Rouge regime allied with China, and fought a long counterinsurgent war against the again-insurgent Khmer Rouge and its allies.
Fighters in the past were prepared for more conventional warfare against Israel, but today they are trained for street battles and counterinsurgent tactics to deal with rebels, the residents said.
The heart of Paper Cadavers is thus a story of how this one particular archive was transformed from a weapon of surveillance, social control, and ideological management for a counterinsurgent state to use against its enemies into a weapon of democratic opening in the pursuit of justice for war crimes for a demilitarized Left, victims of state terror and their families.
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