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the part of a check that is retained as a record

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As per NADRA report NICs number recorded on 293 counterfoils are not readable and verification of members on these 293 counterfoils has been made from serial numbers.
counterfoils in the polling bags of the correspondending polling stations of provincial assembly constituencies falling in NA-110.
to provide the entire record of counterfoils and ballot papers to
The report stated that NADRA examined sample of counterfoils having invalid identity card numbers and observed that a large number of these were minor mistakes in writing down the number of CNICs and theses trivial mistakes had rendered an otherwise valid CNIC number into an invalid one.
Record Keeping: It was assessed through the following areas of: New cards and counterfoils filled correctly, completely; Counterfoils from previous session available at session site; Immunization and MCH register available at session site, and Immunization register correctly filled.
NADRA officials told that NADRAs system could not read 58 per cent of the thumbprints because of bad quality ink or submerged fingerprints affixed on the used counterfoils and electoral rolls.
The thumbprints on the counterfoils were matched with the data of the citizens registered with the identity card in the NADRA data.
A: trichophyton verrucosum counterfoils. Trichophyton verrucosum provided from fungus collections and industrial and infectious bacterial dependent on Iran scientific and industrial researches organization.
The two women in his life--his wife Emma, ravishingly sung by soprano Simone Osborne, and his mistress Antonia Wolff, sensitively portrayed by mezzo Rose-Ellen Nichols--are counterfoils to Jung's commitment to his work and his need for both sacred and profane love.
Although cheque books are becoming obsolete, in 1995 Lloyds bank produced a left-handed cheque book where the counterfoils were on the right.
The prize draw will take place on Wednesday, November 14, and all counterfoils of tickets sold must be returned with a cheque payable to Breast Friends Solihull not later than Saturday, November 10.
The scam was uncovered when a friend found six sacks of prize-draw mail and a stack of postal order counterfoils at the man's home in Plymouth.
Frederick Atkins, 59, kept counterfoils from pension and benefit payments and forged overpayments which he pocketed from his till.
The walls are adorned with posters, ticket counterfoils, guitars, scratch boards, drums and even gold albums, all signed by the respective artists.
The court heard that although Cookson's name appeared on all of the credit cards seized on his arrest, he had not opened all of the accounts, and counterfoils written in cheque books with his name were identified as Stannard's handwriting.