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fire intended to neutralize or destroy enemy weapons

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Theater counterfire and amphibious operations require high levels of resolution in replicating both platforms and logistics to provide appropriate training value to the ground, air, and naval units involved.
It was inevitable that these criticisms would attract counterfire from its defenders and boosters.
He was wounded by enemy fire, but continued his advance, placing fierce counterfire on the Vietcong.
Currently, the ground-based mission of providing counterfire to this long-range artillery falls to the 2d US Infantry Division, which operates 30 multiple-rocket-launcher systems and 30 M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzers.
LCMR is specified to detect and track mortar rounds that are out of range for most mortar weapons and locate the firing weapon with a target location error sufficient to neutralize the shooter with either combat air support or counterfire.
AFATDS provides integrated automated support for planning, coordinating, and controlling all fire support assets (field artillery, mortars, close air support, naval gunfire, attack helicopter, and offensive electronic warfare) and for executing counterfire, interdiction, and suppression of enemy targets.
This risk can be mitigated through better situational understanding (avoiding surprise encounters and identifying enemy unit locations), coupled with proactive counterfire before direct engagement by brigade maneuver elements.
Firefinder is used by field artillery units to provide enemy mortar, artillery and rocket launch locations, target acquisition, and counterfire support for divisions, brigades and rapid-deployment task forces.
Determine positioning areas and plan counterfire radars and ammunition.
Mueller fearlessly moved from one position to another, directing the accurate counterfire of his men and shouting words of encouragement to them.
The 15 tasks were categorized into one of seven general mission areas: command and control, airspace coordination, intelligence, artillery counterfire, deliberate targeting, tasking order dissemination, and theater missile defense.
The last resort was, and sometimes still is, a counterfire, a fire set in the right place in front of the fire, causing the first fire to advance towards the second, sucked in by the lower pressure created by the rising hot air; when the fire and the counterfire meet, both go out when they run out of fuel to burn.
A Nato spokesman, Lt-Cmdr Philip Anido, said the snipers - though located in the Serb side of the city - were ethnic Albanians wounded by Nato counterfire. One died, and the two others were in custody, he said.
Destroying a primary long-range surveillance-radar installation, for example, may force individual SAM crews to rely on their own fire-control and tracking systems, making them vulnerable to reactive HARM counterfire and, thus, reluctant to fight back at all.
The latter may include antimissile and anti-aircraft assets and counterfire operations.