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Synonyms for counterfeiter

one who makes a fraudulent copy of something

Synonyms for counterfeiter

someone who makes copies illegally

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The days of the Recto counterfeiters of public and school documents in Manila are expected to end soon after the police was compelled to continue its intensified drive against them.
However, these chips are often targeted by counterfeiters, despite the fact that most document producers apply protective features.
Although not technically a label, BrunaSeals says that more brands should be thinking about turning an inner seal liner into one (sort of)--by printing a brand's name, slogan, code imprints and trademark symbols as a way to deter counterfeiters.
Even though fiat money only exists due to coercive legal tender laws, it is nevertheless a real medium of exchange, and the private counterfeiter, therefore, counterfeits genuine money.
Technology has enabled the counterfeiter to become more and more skilled and successful, but technology can also empower brand owners, manufacturers and consumers alike to protect themselves against this fraud.
Tarnoff's third counterfeiter is different than the first two, if only because Samuel Curtis Upham was not only not a criminal but also, in Tarnoff's word, a patriot.
A CONMAN who asked a shopworker if she thought his homeprinted banknote looked fake has been dubbed the world's worst counterfeiter.
Both Sally and Herzog are ambitious and competitive, so that Herzog has some respect for Sally's skill, originally telling him, "It is a great honor to arrest the world's best counterfeiter if that is any consolation."
How Adolfo Kaminsky became the most talented counterfeiter in wartime Europe is now the stuff of legend--recounted in detail by his daughter Sarah Kaminsky in a new European bestseller.
NEWTON AND THE COUNTERFEITER: THE UNKNOWN DETECTIVE CAREER OF THE WORLD'S GREATEST SCIENTIST tells of Isaac Newton's surprising career move, leaving university life where he made his revolutionary discoveries to become Warden of the Royal Mint in London.
Even if the counterfeiter is caught, the penalties are very low, particularly in comparison to narcotics trafficking.
Counterfeiter told the cops in North Vancouver, but he definitely was looking for a sympathetic ear--and help.
A counterfeiter can make as much money selling fake handbags as someone selling cocaine, Kris Buckner, president of Investigative Consultants, told the U.S.
But as of this writing, Asians can still buy a knock-off Plasma Etch machine through a counterfeiter's Web site.