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Synonyms for counterfactual

Synonyms for counterfactual

going counter to the facts (usually as a hypothesis)

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Therefore, from the counterfactual concept of cause, our heroes' activities probably never led to independence because independence would have happened without their actions anyway.Let's look at another perspective.
At this juncture, from a counterfactual perspective, the League of Nations Mandate clause presents the most probable cause for independence.
They have to claim that evolution creates counterfactual moral disagreement in nearby or non-nearby scenarios.
Our study demonstrated the first results about the relationship between counterfactual inference and intimate partner violence in a healthy/high socioeconomic women group.
Counterfactual causal reasoning, however, does have limitations.
More precisely, we are estimating changes in patient costs if physicians practiced in present patterns, but averaged over a counterfactual distribution of malpractice fear reports.
Unconditional counterfactual explanations should be given for
These challenges notwithstanding, considerable progress has been made in the academic literature on the empirical evaluation of policy intervention, using microeconomic data that permit the construction of a valid counterfactual. Summarising this emerging literature, Schich et al.
Hypothesis 2a: Upward counterfactual thinking will mediate the positive relationship between employees' learning goal orientation and their safety participation.
Comparing the number of events per winter in factual versus counterfactual climates indicates that 68.5% of the factual precipitation seasons exceed the counterfactual median (3.5 events per winter; Fig.
There are numerous possible worlds in the counterfactual ladder--which possible world does Hulsmann advise us to hide behind the phrase "otherwise would have been"?
But a new report from Lloyd's and modeling company RMS, "Reimagining History: Counterfactual risk analysis," suggests that there might be a better way.
By measuring changes in participation rates and proportions of the population of various demographic groups, the authors present "counterfactual" scenarios in which rates are held constant in order to measure the impact of demographic changes, such as share of the population.
The Logical Relationship Between Counterfactual and
The longstanding philosophical orthodoxy on counterfactuals holds, in part, that counterfactuals with metaphysically impossible antecedents ("counterpossibles") are indiscriminately vacuously true.