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Synonyms for countercurrent

a stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current

actions counter to the main group activity


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Separation of Tocopherols from Deodorizer Condensates by Countercurrent Extraction with Carbon Dioxide, J.
In countercurrent flow, the water and oil flow through the same face in opposite direction.
Evaluation of a countercurrent biosorption system for the removal of lead and copper from aqueous solutions, FEMS Microbiol Rev 14: 333-338.
Shale gas is partially recycled into the process vessel, where the direct countercurrent contact between the gas and oil shale generate the heat and promote internal heat exchange through different zones of oil shale moving bed [1-6].
Unfortunately, a negative countercurrent was in evidence from the mid-1950s.
The thing that saves Laura from destruction, and indeed saves all the characters in this book, is the persistent countercurrent of love, or at the very least forgiveness, that enables the characters to fight back.
Sodium in the countercurrent multiplier of the loop of the nephron (Henle) is like a leaf caught in a whirlpool in a stream.
1995) studied experimentally the buoyant countercurrent exchange flow through a vented horizontal partition using a two-component laser doppler velocimeter.
The blood leaves the patient via a venovenous dialysis line and flows though the MARSFLUX filter[TM] (polysulfone with a pore size of 50kDa) countercurrent to a 25% albumin supply.
A model of countercurrent shunting of oxygen in the intestinal villus.
Both systems provide a marked reduction in heat loss via countercurrent exchange as well as allowing for heat dissipation.
New chapters cover countercurrent chromatography and large-scale genotyping and cyclic voltammetry detection, a potent tool used to determine electrochemical characteristics of organic compounds.
We intend this to be "part of the countercurrent of resistance to dominant hegemonic forces in the world" (Graveline, 1998, p.
In addition, countercurrent heat exchange between arteries and veins approaches a realistic circulatory system.
Monomers and comonomers should have sufficient solubility in water to penetrate, by countercurrent diffusion, into the hydration layers within the surfaces of dentin and enamel that have had all weak surface materials removed.