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a sudden and decisive overthrow of a government that gained power by a coup d'etat

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In 1953, American support of the Shah's countercoup established American influence there until the Islamic Revolution 25 years later; see, for example, Kinzer (2003) and Roosevelt (1979).
A conservative countercoup followed, led by military officers and theology students who sought to reestablish an Islamic state under the sultan's authority.
Abdul Hamid stepped down under pressure though Young Turk elements organised a countercoup in early 1909, whose supporters allegedly aimed to return control of the country to the Sultan.
2 The pathophysiology of a traumatic cataract is believed to involve direct capsular rupture or coup countercoup and equatorial expansion.
The army's countercoup of October 12, 1999 that gave birth to the November 3, 2007 emergency is being ignored while the latter alleged crime has been singled out.
It is a focal parenchymal injury of the alveolar epithelium, with interstitial edema and alveolar hemorrhage, produced at the time of injury and usually adjacent to the area of trauma, but can also occur in a countercoup location [1,3].
"If that was 'a complete coup' against the SMC, then cobbling together the SRF is a countercoup."
Advocacy groups have accused soldiers loyal to coup leader Captain Sanogo of torture, sexual abuse, and psychological abuse, and of "forcibly disappearing" soldiers linked to an alleged failed countercoup. (38) Journalists reporting on military issues have also cited growing intimidation, abductions, and physical assaults, which they have attributed to forces loyal to Sanogo.
FIFA and the Confederation of African Football, CAF, hadn't yet decided if the Mali-Algeria match would be played in Mali after recent violence in the capital Bamako following the coup in March and fighting involving countercoup forces this month.
It is also not explained why the Sultanah honoured the group who executed this countercoup when she clearly opposed their murder of the grooten priester.
Is fear of a countercoup justified or equivalent to Qaddafi's argument about Al Qaeda?
On the strength of this data, the authors conclude that Glenn "played better inside the theater than outside" (338) and that the larger political phenomena of the moment (including the American countercoup in Grenada, the terrorist assault on the Marine barracks in Lebanon, and a convincing uptick in the economy) overrode on the national stage the positive impact of the film upon Glenn's personal and political reputation.
This is often seen in coup countercoup injuries where the brain is injured at two opposing sites because it shifts within the skull during rapid acceleration and deceleration (Banasik).
Several appropriately named chapters--"The Hijacking," "The Conspiracy," "The Countercoup," and "Anatomy of Suicide"--relate the dramatics surrounding assassination attempts, coups, and manhunts.
Since the military countercoup that installed Major General Suharto as president, the military was ensured a dominant position in Indonesian politics throughout the New Order.