counterclockwise rotation

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rotation to the left

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It can be concluded that the front longitudinal wall exhibits counterclockwise rotation, the back longitudinal wall exhibits clockwise rotation, the front transverse wall exhibits clockwise rotation, and the back transverse wall exhibits counterclockwise rotation.
The facial type determined the way of OP alteration that was allowed by means of orthognathic surgery and counterclockwise rotation or clockwise rotation of the MMC.
The concept and technique of using TMJ TJP for TMJ reconstruction and simultaneous mandibular advancement with counterclockwise rotation of the maxillomandibular complex was developed by Wolford et al.
KP(O + 45) is negative for a clockwise and positive for a counterclockwise rotation of the cylinder median in relation to the reference meridian.
Before reaching the peak strength, the particles undergoing clockwise rotation and counterclockwise rotation were distributed uniformly throughout the entire specimen.
At the early stage of isovolumetric contraction, mild clockwise rotation takes place in the LV apex, and at the ejection period it turns into a counterclockwise rotation. Motions of the LV base are opposite to those of the LVapex.
Once satisfied with the location of the device, and with no arch narrowing and with no left pulmonary artery stenosis, the device was finally released from the delivery cable by counterclockwise rotation.
Such kinematics minimizes the risk of torsional stress fractures, as the counterclockwise rotation angle is lower than the elastic limit of the instrument.
The cylinder ratchets are well machined and smooth, and the counterclockwise rotation of the cylinder is equally smooth.
All spirals are made to order and come in four basic configurations that operate up or down in a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. For space savings, the spirals come in two outside diameter sizes: 7 feet, 3 inches and 7 feet, 11 inches.
If DIR is connected to VDD, the output value increases with counterclockwise rotation.
With a right-hand twist to the rifling, the bullet is rotated clockwise (viewed from the shooter's position), and the reaction force is directly opposite on the barrel and impacting a counterclockwise rotation to the barrel.
Multiple witnesses observed the helicopter lift off and begin a counterclockwise rotation. The helicopter then pitched down, while continuing the counterclockwise rotation, and descended into an occupied vehicle and terrain.
The normal development requires a 270 degree counterclockwise rotation that yields the normal anatomy.