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Words related to counterclaim

a claim filed in opposition to another claim in a legal action

set up a claim in opposition to a previous claim

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Oasmia has, and will pursue, counterclaims in excess of this amount.
THE ISSUE In a subsequent trial of a counterclaim for malicious prosecution, did a judge err by giving preclusive effect to prior judicial findings, when those findings had the potential to confuse the jury and make it more challenging for the defendants to rebuff the counterclaim?
In Turner's counterclaims, he alleged that his employee had conspired to incite a violent struggle between the two of them that would be recorded by a second employee, thereby exposing Turner to liability that would allow Maggini to acquire the business.
Respondents contend they had previously advised appellant of the defamation counterclaim based on the Sept.
The Hussains denied the allegations and filed a counterclaim for common law trespass, alleging the Swahns illegally entered their townhouse "to spy on them in order to bolster their nuisance claims." They asked for $600,000 in compensatory and punitive damages.
By April of this year, NewLight's counterclaim states, the loans and stalled fees created a debt of more than $2.78 million to NewLight.
The Saad Investment Company & Singularis Holdings Limited's counterclaim was for $5.9 billion, including a promissory note for US$4,495,006,252, purportedly issued by AHAB to Singularis.
'The respondent did not pursue the counterclaim. The claimant demonstrated he had paid all the loans advanced to him by the company and the counterclaim is dismissed,' Nduma said.
However, such actions can serve as a catalyst for a counterclaim for negligence or a regulatory complaint to be asserted against the CPA firm in response.
But, in her judgement, Justice Chidi Nwaoma Uwa of the Appeal Court dismissed that the appeal of STOAN has been dismissed even as she upheld the counterclaim of the second respondent, Shippers Association Lagos State (SALS).
-- The University of Louisville has filed a counterclaim to former basketball coach Rick Pitino's lawsuit and is seeking monetary damages from vacated games and bonuses.
The High Administrative Court has ordered a Bahraini to pay off arrears in electricity and water bills of BD79,321.480 and rejected a counterclaim filed against the Electricity and Water Authority (EWA).
In a unanimous verdict, the jury also determined Isola's patents were valid and did not violate existing patents held by a third party, striking an important counterclaim TUC was asserting.
In light of data privacy concerns, an additional offensive decision a company must make is whether to file a counterclaim against the whistleblower for "stolen documents." Such a claim may be based on theories like breach of a corporate confidentiality agreement, breach of fiduciary duty, conversion, or the Stored Communications Act.