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Synonyms for countercheck

a check that restrains another check

something that checks the correctness of a previous check


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oppose or check by a counteraction

check a second time

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As a next step, we have tried to countercheck the above conclusion with the help of a multiple regression to identify a set of critical predictors of managerial motivation and also to pinpoint the individual contribution of each predictor.
To countercheck, both groups were asked to rate the opposite group.
On 31 August he was fired by his team Astana, after a countercheck also proved positive.
Beneath the dense, symbolic register of the poem--the rose garden, the Chinese jar, the Lady whose shrine stands on the promontory, the fire and the rose--a self-directed criticism works as a countercheck, blocking the very images of Incarnation evoked in the poem so that "each venture/Is a new beginning, a raid on the inarticulate/With shabby equipment always deteriorating/ In the general mess of imprecision of feeling" (EC V: 7- 10).
The people want the Senate to be a strong countercheck to an increasingly authoritarian president,'' former President Joseph Estrada said Wednesday in a statement.
After that, I phoned Amy to countercheck with points that I might have misinterpreted or overlooked in order to ensure the authenticity as much as possible and present the results as vividly as I could.
The first, the Retort Courteous, the second, the Quip modest; /the third, the Reply Churlish; /the fourth, the Reproof Valiant; /the fifth, the Countercheck Quarrel-some; the sixth, the Lie/with Circumstances; the seventh, the Lie Direct.
21) The commonplace normalizes knowledge, opposing novelty (Hazlitt's category of "paradox") only, ideally, insofar as it provides a countercheck to the semantic and social instability of new usages.
The purpose of participant-observation was to obtain additional data, especially about language use in real situations, which the survey could not provide, and to countercheck the data on language competence and language use given in the survey's self-report.
Accordingly, the 30 paired samples were chosen with TSH values above that and not aiming to countercheck sensitivity.
It is one thing to walk into a conference room to brainstorm new approaches to, say, order fulfillment and customer response secure in the knowledge that several months of analysis and planning will follow to check and countercheck your ideas.
The inscription is of importance for a countercheck of the Prakrta grammarians and the actual practice of writing Pkt.
An appraiser should thus use one or more of the other replacement costs cited in this article as a countercheck to determine whether the developer's construction budget appears reasonable.
The March 17, 1989, ISM prohibited contractors from using non-UL-listed alarm installers in order to bring alarm installations under the UL Field Countercheck Program.
In short, the people can countercheck all data to determine if there is corruption or fraud in a government agency.