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a charge brought by an accused person against the accuser

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a retaliatory charge

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The citation for his first award, for bravery during the Civil War, states: "[He] Led his company in a countercharge at Peach Tree Creek, Georgia, 12 July 1864, under a galling fire ahead of his own men, and singly entered the enemy's line, capturing and bringing back two commissioned officers, fully armed, besides a guidon of a Georgia regiment.
Keynesianism macroeconomic management drifted toward overregulation and Theodore Lowi's "ungovernable" liberal state, and legal realism is exposed to the countercharge of judicial activism.
It was inevitable, then, that charge and countercharge, intrigue and evasion, should finally result in revolt" (1918, 63).
Minutes later the Talon is back downrange placing a countercharge on the barely visible 155mm projectile buried along the shoulder of the road.
Indeed, we countercharge the minister that his own words merely increase the scepticism the majority of the public now has for politicians who are good at reeling off statistics, but remain blind to the human cost of their machinations.
Chief among his defences is the countercharge that a group of wicked men has actually conspired against his persona's 'sothfast trouth' (I.
The movement of all stakeholders beyond the current charge versus countercharge scenario will require a new model that acknowledges two very important realities.
They boast that "The Daily Planet is finally legal" and countercharge that "people of power and influence in Richmond hide behind laws as justifications.
Such a debate always tends to proceed by charge and countercharge of hypocrisy.
A significant defense against the conservative assertion of substantiation by the verb comes in the reformers' countercharge that the verb of being in the old religion is actually the vehicle of change or transubstantiation: the Catholics "dooe muche abuse the latine verbe substantif, Est, and muche contrarie to the propre significacion that [est]" should have cause it "to signifie transubstanciatur[,] is chaunged in substaunce, or to stand for conuertitur .
Many of the essays in Falling into Theory demonstrate this cycle of oppositiona l charge and countercharge, the reductive positioning of one's arguments against a prior antagonist, and the refusals to take seriously any position devoted to the internal explication and external contextualization of literature.
Caerphilly made a fist of it with winger Chester Robinson leading a countercharge that led to Chris John kicking a penalty that kept Glasgow's interval lead to 15-3.
In 1993/94, the Department of Political Science at the University of Victoria was accused of harbouring a chilly climate towards women; the accusations found their way into the Canadian media and became the basis for charge and countercharge.
Regardless of charge and countercharge, this war has caused De Beers a 3.
As a result, TV news becomes a numbing blur of charge and countercharge.