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cause to change places

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Create a positive, negative or counterchange design." Perfect!
Chiasmus, Antimetabole, Commutatio, Permutatio, Counterchange
In each of the radial image-complexes dispersed through his narratives-the allusive epigraphic vignettes that open the chapters of Sweet and Sour Milk, the motifs of rooms and furniture, clocks and currents, lizards and beached whales in Sardines, the metaphors of truncation and dismemberment in Maps-the movement is an outwardly expansive, multidirectional one, a splintering of tropes into antinomy and contradiction, parallelism and counterchange, in which meaning and power are accreted with each new context.
Designs employed within these lanes commonly feature repeated diagonal stripes, triangles, diamonds, sawtooth motifs, counterchange arrangements of small square blocks, and striped lanes with a longitudinal division of bead colors.
Nona Fienberg's persuasive demonstration of the importance of antimetabole for the structure and meaning of Cymbeline gives the use of the word "counterchange" rhetorical relevance for both its context of utterance and for the play as a whole.
That this counterchange of identities possesses a nonsymbolic truth is indicated by Queen Eleanor's reaction to Philip's witty acceptance of the title:
By contrast, "Counterchange," mainly in rhetorical but also in other dramatic senses, serves in Shakespeare's play to convey his vision of the radical instability of politics--a place-shifting politics that in his view becomes synonymous with history.
This possibility would visually reinforce the counterchange of identities.
"Change and Counterchange in Cymbeline." Iowa State University Shakespeare Symposium.
Others will be the subject of charges and counterchanges between information technology, pharmaceutical and financial sector companies supporting the reforms, on the one hand, and manufacturing companies, opposing the reforms, on the other hand.