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a return blow

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Gene Bunge, Vice President of Engineering at Ladish, reported that both the top and bottom rams of the five-story-tall counterblow hammer, each of which weighs approximately 375,000 pounds, were installed.
It will also upgrade the counterblow hammer for closed die forging at Takasago and construct a new welded tube line at group company Kobe Special Tube Co.
Then, according to the script, Israel was supposed to deliver a counterblow to Hizbollah to shift the power balance back toward Washington.
Manstein called this particular approach the "backhand stroke," a smashing counterblow against the extended flanks of an opponent's offensive.
To dissuade Israel's enemies from using WMD, Jerusalem has regularly voiced its intention to respond to any such attack with a crushing counterblow of its own.
These two notions cause an escalatory diplomatic blow and counterblow of name-calling and invective, as witnessed in the months before the outbreak of war in late March 2003.
By November, the Russians struck a huge counterblow effectively cutting off the lines of retreat for 250,000 German troops.
counterblow to seeming Soviet technological superiority were in fact wrong--Moscow was mostly bluffing.
Their innovations, as Joseph Cary points out in Three Modern Italian Poets: Saba, Ungaretti, Montale, "were the dragooning of so-called `free-verse' as a counterblow to the traditional hendecasyllable, eccentric suspensions of normal syntax and punctuation, a plethora of short-lived onomatopoetic coinages, the cultivation .
His decision to act was made when he heard that if the king made war on the pope, then the pope would excommunicate the king; in counterblow the king would depose the pope.
Specifically, despite suffering an initial attack, either country could still respond in kind with enough force to deliver a significant counterblow, a prospect that kept them both in check.