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Synonyms for counterbalanced

brought into equipoise by means of a weight or force that offsets another

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All of his illness was counterbalanced by his love for football.
Aluminium, Holz, Klebefolie (Aluminum, Wood, Contact Paper), 2005, a large plywood grid bearing cellular or cloudlike shapes in aluminum also seemed to have been executed quickly and intuitively, but the awkwardness of the piece was counterbalanced by its sense of choreography--as if a magnetic field were causing the organic shapes to vibrate.
Crossing Tecumseh Street is filled with familiar references, clever phrasing and innovative line breaks that insure accessibility, but it is counterbalanced with enough social examination and comment to make this trip worthwhile.
The subdivision of each chapter into short paragraphs contributes to the book's clarity, and the relatively light apparatus of notes is counterbalanced by a thematic bibliography, directing the reader toward further reading.
June) was unfortunately counterbalanced by the rifle placed above it: "The Pacifist.
Speeding the input and output of raw materials and finished products from Sundora Foods' purpose built 60,000 sq ft distribution complex in Full Sutton, East Yorkshire, is the role of a new fleet of Jungheinrich counterbalanced forklifts, order pickers and man-up VNA trucks.
Each of the sessions consisted of five lessons at each of the three grade levels presented in a counterbalanced order.
Another factor may be that the largely meat-, dairy- and fish-based diet also provided a high intake of vitamins that could have counterbalanced any effect the heightened levels of protein and methionine could have had on homocysteine concentrations.
The flourishing market in sales in counterbalanced by a decline in rentals.
Ovens include vertical lift counterbalanced doors and ribbed ceramic hearth plates, and all accessories come prepackaged, mounted and tested prior to shipping.
Modified, counterbalanced weight stacks with aluminum top plates minimize starting poundage, and the one or two-and-a-half pound integral weight increments eliminate the need for add-ons.
New features include a counterbalanced dump valve coupled with a proximity switch on the dust collar to provide quicker and more accurate discharge.
Fly harnesses Hope Clark to one end of a giant counterbalanced lever.
Despite a big fall in shipments in 1994, Germany is projected to retain roughly these shares of the market for the rest of the decade as the growth in the East German market is counterbalanced by restrictions on packaging and the continuing decline of labor-intensive industries.
These events are expected to be counterbalanced by the introduction of novel agents.