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a rival attraction

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By way of providing a counterattraction, the town council installed a water fountain near the lane so that the sailors could quench their thirst without having to enter any of these rough and ready taverns.
It said: "In light of the approval of the Sainsbury store we have real concerns that the retail offering in Knowle could be adversely affected due to the counterattraction of such a large store close by.
Strauss still believes 16,000 fans will turn up at Headingley on Saturday to see if England can avoid an unprecedented wipe-out, despite the counterattraction of a World Cup quarter-final in Germany on TV.
The lady with all the information is Carolyn Sneath, at Wirral Borough Council, on 0151 606 2228, or there's more on the Merseyside Police website - follow the links under Support and Advice F YOU'RE not learning new skills in Bromborough, then the principal counterattraction on October 15/16 will surely be the 12th Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show at the Stafford County Showground.
We didn't have anything like that at all, as a counterattraction to it or an alternative structure to it, so we became involved willy-nilly, just surfing along on it and really making things up as we went along....
Hayek was brought to London as a counterattraction to Keynes.
Clare also said turnover on horseracing and greyhounds had held up well, despite the counterattraction of the Olympics.
However, theSTCoperatesina jurisdictionthatbarspeopleunderthe ageof18fromgoingracingand answerstoagovernmentthat refuses tocountenancepromotionofbetting butinthelastdecadehassanctioned theopeningoftwoofthebiggest casinosintheworld,whichinevitably haveprovidedtheirowndebilitating counterattractions .
Now there are so many counterattractions the Taiheiyo is simply another Japanese Tour event with the only extra name being that of US-based Ryuji Imada, whose game has gone south over the past few months.
Great British Racing chief executive Rod Street said the sport had done well to keep yearly attendances near the six million mark given counterattractions. However, he added: "This sport doesn't have a divine right to be successful, we're a sport competing in a competitive market.