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Synonyms for counteract

Synonyms for counteract

to act as an equalizing weight or force to

to make ineffective by applying an opposite force or amount

Synonyms for counteract

act in opposition to

Related Words

oppose or check by a counteraction

oppose and mitigate the effects of by contrary actions

destroy property or hinder normal operations

References in classic literature ?
It was a time, according to a noticeable article in the "Pioneer," when the crying needs of the country might well counteract a reluctance to public action on the part of men whose minds had from long experience acquired breadth as well as concentration, decision of judgment as well as tolerance, dispassionateness as well as energy-- in fact, all those qualities which in the melancholy experience of mankind have been the least disposed to share lodgings.
But," said Mitral, "Metivier and Chaboisseau heard it all, and they may play us a trick and tell the matter to some opposition journal which would catch the ball on its way and counteract the effect of the ministerial article.
He now bore off to the right to counteract the possible deviation from his true course.
Thus, not only have I the father's spirit in the son to contend against, the germs of his evil tendencies to search out and eradicate, and his corrupting intercourse and example in after-life to counteract, but already he counteracts my arduous labour for the child's advantage, destroys my influence over his tender mind, and robs me of his very love; I had no earthly hope but this, and he seems to take a diabolical delight in tearing it away.
Mbonga must do something to counteract the evil influence of the forest demon's victory over the witch-doctor.
I put three or four spokes over to counteract a sheer toward the wind on the part of the Ghost, and then steadied her.
He felt unsafe in this darkness that seemed to make the ship's motion unfamiliar, unforeseen, and difficult to counteract.
He felt the disadvantage of this circumstance, and endeavoured to counteract it, as far as possible, by the excess of his humility.
But the name of these is Few, and of the others Legion; and the influence of the good, is powerless to counteract the moral poison of the bad.
You have compromised me by being seen about with me, endeavouring to counteract this Mr Eugene Wrayburn.
Tulliver, which it would be an impiety to counteract by too much kindness.
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