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counterintelligence designed to detect and counteract sabotage

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"An overhaul of this resupply installation will envisage bolstering all protection systems of the facility, including its air and counter-sabotage defenses.
Catharines, for example, where workers belonging to Local 199 of the United Automobile Workers voted to strike, a management representative enlisted group leaders and other English Canadian workers to form a secret organization--the Inner Circle Counter-Sabotage Committee--ostensibly to combat any form of sabotage in the plant by workers of foreign extraction.
A former senior Gestapo officer based in German national security police headquarters, Kopkow was the department chief initially responsible for counter-sabotage and counterespionage against Allied intelligence agencies, especially, but not exclusively, Communist Soviet intelligence operations in Germany.
Fantasy revenge Counter-sabotage. You could notify the parental units next time your sister tries to cover up for skipping choir practice.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran on Friday carried out a set of unannounced counter-sabotage drills at its Fordo uranium enrichment site to upgrade the skills, knowledge and preparedness level of its experts and reduce their reaction time against foreign threats.