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an offer made by someone who has rejected a prior offer

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The belief is Thibodeau still has no interest in a trade and is making counter-offers he knows would be rejected.
In the real estate industry, most things are negotiable and the landlord fully expects you to counter-offer.
That means consumers will be given the critical information they need to make a decision in a life settlement transaction, including the value of offers and counter-offers, the fees paid to life settlement brokers and the contractual arrangements among the parties involved in a transaction:'
At Commercial Tenant Real Estate Representation, he has the crucial role of analyzing the lifecycle costs of landlord offers and counter-offers, essential financial information during lease negotiations.
Alaska Airlines, part of Alaska Air Group Inc (NYSE: ALK), has revealed that it has put forward counter-offers on key sections of a proposed five-year contract with its pilots.
The empirical analysis in this paper suggests that counter-offers typically are not correlated with any information that is available at the initial admission stage.