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Synonyms for countenance

Synonyms for countenance

an outward appearance

a disposition of the facial features that conveys meaning, feeling, or mood

the front surface of the head

to lend supportive approval to

to be favorably disposed toward

Synonyms for countenance

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The result is to throw into relief both the attraction and the absurdity of countenancing any notion of perversion.
He will not classify himself as a conservative, but neither does he admit to being a liberal; he rejects the extreme positions of both abortion supporters and opponents; he perceives a case for countenancing prayer in the schools and a case against it; he declines to embrace the platform of the Christian Coalition but he has little truck with the cultured despisers of traditional religion; divorce, he argues, is occasionally justified but mostly not; the state is too much with us but the rollback advocated by the troops of the Gingrich revolution is too radical.
In focusing on the rights of the guilty, and in countenancing virtually any sort of conduct by esteemed members of the Harvard faculty in the pursuit of procedural fairness, we end up with a spectacle.