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that can be counted

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In English there are other uncountable (no-plural) nouns not regarded as mass nouns, whose Hungarian equivalents are regarded as countable (they do have a plural form), e.
STEP 3: CONSIDER THE PURCHASE of a so-called Medicaid compliant short-term SPIN to convert all countable assets above the 2014 $117,240 CSRA into a non-countable income stream of the healthy community spouse.
Choose a vector space V containing a countable linearly independent subset [{[[upsilon].
ii) Intuitionistic fuzzy S-Lindelof [2] if each intuitionistic fuzzy regular closed cover of X has a countable sub cover for X.
2, countable athletically related activities may occur no more than 20 hours per week with a maximum of four hours per day when a student-athlete's sport is in-season.
If X is a first countable Hausdorff space, then X has the pointwise semi-open intersection property.
In Morocco, the constitutional changes are an extra step making the country a democracy which is pluralist, inclusive and countable to citizens," Buzek told the opening of the EP plenary session this week in Strasbourg.
Sleeping Beauty, Countable Additivity, and Rational Dilemmas, JACOB ROSS
But my strong feeling is that the number is countable.
Medicare will start using countable care organizations next year.
The group continued to widen in longitude until leader and follower drifted more than 10[degrees] apart becoming countable as two separate active areas.
Majority means more than half of something countable, customers, say.
It curved away to the right in a bewitching arc that seemed to last countable seconds, hit the post and settled in the net behind Italian keeper Dino Zoff.
He said that the losses in the wake of demurrages and detention charges are not countable but the figure is definitely in billions of rupees.