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that can be counted

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The tree sparrow is officially countable in North America because it has been here since 1870.
Although it can be easily seen that each metrizable locally convex space E has a fundamental bounded resolution, if the locally convex space [C.sub.c](X) has a fundamental bounded resolution, unlike what happens with [C.sub.p](X)), the space X needs not be countable and moreover [C.sub.c](X) needs not be metrizable.
You're just converting something from the countable side to the non-countable side.
Then [mu]([supp.sub.x]([mu])) = [mu](X) and for any family [gamma] of open subsets of X there exists a countable subfamily [xi] such that [mu]([union][xi]) = [mu]([union][gamma]).
The survivor's countable income includes income from most sources, as well as from any eligible dependents living in the household.
Any route will be countable only if the average speed is less than 30 km/h and the maximum speed does not exceed 45 km/h.
This platform is very similar to Countable. It offers the same ( features and the ease of contacting your representative .
Neutrosophic crisp topology (X, [GAMMA]) is countable if it has neutrosophic crisp countable basis for neutrosophic crisp topology, i.e.
Countable is a free website and app for iOS and Android devices that "makes it quick and easy to understand the laws Congress is considering" by offering summaries of upcoming and active bills and articles on trending topics.
There exists a countable set E in [epsilon] such that A = [E.sup.[perpendicular to].sub.w] + A where,
Assume that D is a countable dense subset of [OMEGA].
It contains all countable left amenable discrete semigroups (see [28, theorem 2.3]), all compact metrizable left amenable semi-topological semigroups.
KUWAIT, July 28 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti authorities' measures and regulations for charitable work have proven largely effective and only a countable number of law violations have been recorded, the Social Affairs Minister Dr.
Such is the way of the 21st century.) Transparent has received countless plauditsand several, very countable awards, including Jeffrey Tambor's Emmy-winning performance as Maura, the trans parent)for the way it has sensitively portrayed the experience of gender transition, not just for the people undergoing it, but for their families, too.