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that can be counted

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Let E be a countable subset in [epsilon] such that both [zeta] and [eta] are generated by E.
S := {Z [subset or equal to] S ; Z is a left amenable countable sub-semigroup}.
The Polish translational equivalent morphological forms of fish 'ryba', cod 'dorsz', sheep 'owca', aircraft 'samolot, statek kosmiczny', bread 'chleb', butter 'maslo', luggage 'bagaz', furniture 'mebel', money 'pieniqdz', news 'wiadomosc', information 'informacja', and advice 'rada', are countable in context of usage.
Note C is countable and C [subset or equal to] co(H(C) [union] {0}).
Investigating the relevant data of several languages, we can assert that in the case of countable nouns the marking of number in most languages follows the basic "singular ~ plural" opposition, e.
Since X is pairwise almost regular Lindelof, there exists a countable subfamily such that [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and therefore [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]
However, a student who holds assets until age 18, then sells them, might create a combination of countable assets and countable income (which decreases financial aid), coupled with an income tax liability.
The One No Thing The Meaning of Aleinu Because every thing is finite, The Infinite One must be No Thing --That is, not countable-- As all things are countable.
Countable assets include savings accounts and investments but exclude the home, one car, life insurance with a face value of less than $1,500, and certain other items.
Textiles, major appliances and floor coverings have seen incredible consolidation, with the major players in each category countable on a couple of fingers.
For example, 5 of the 10 states we reviewed considered caring for a disabled household or family member to count toward the federal work participation requirement, while 5 did not consider hours spent in this activity to be countable.
That for the does not relate to number or countability; an NP with the can involve a countable or uncountable noun, and if a countable it may be marked with singular or plural inflection.
Patients who are officially eligible for "Extra Help" are being charged up to hundreds of dollars for prescriptions, when they should be charged no more than $5 per prescription (or 15% of the sale price if their countable income is in the range of 135% to 150% of federal poverty guidelines), because their eligibility for Extra Help is not recognized by the system.
8 percent of California's more than 14 million countable working people.
Uncle Vern starts out as the main incident, but in photography, it is the bits and pieces of laundry, peeing dog, potted plants, countable trees, and uncountable pebbles that count--or must be made to count--by a mysterious intersection of chance and attention that goes well beyond the existential surrealism of the "decisive moment.