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frequency per minute

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When we first began to compare graphs showing count per minute of target academic behavior with percentage correct graphs, which ignore the time dimension, it became clear that there was a big difference, for example, between a performance of 9 correct math facts per minute with 1 error and a performance of 45 correct with 5 errors--both the equivalent of 90% correct.
With an understanding that percent-correct evaluation imposes a ceiling (or blinders) on the sensitivity of instructional decisions, precision teachers and practitioners of fluency-based instruction choose count per minute of correct and incorrect responses as their key measure.
The indicators of success for such efforts to multiply response opportunities per minute included more rapid acceleration of correct responding and deceleration of errors; higher count per minute response rates more closely resembling the ranges of response required in the natural environment; and more rapid movement through curriculum.
On occasions where the duration of a timing lasts more than 1 min, the observer must divide minutes spent recording into the observed count of behavior to obtain data values in terms of count per minute (this is not terribly difficult, but it is extra task and often means keeping a hand calculator available).
Frequency is the count per minute: the number of times Steve does independent or dependent actions per hour; the number of pieces of science equipment Greg names correctly and incorrectly in one minute; the number of words Chris reads correctly and incorrectly per minute; the number of pleasant and unpleasant self-thoughts Angie has per day.