count off

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call in turn from right to left or from back to front numbers that determine some position or function

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City need to mirror the positive way they finished last week's pyrrhic victory over Sporting Lisbon rather than the defensive way they started that match or Chelsea will simply sit back and count off the minutes.
Hacienda San Angel's San Miguel suite boasts such spectacularly romantic views of Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta and a bed so inviting you will rarely want to get out of it -- the linens' thread count off the charts -- that you and your sweetie may well opt to enjoy breakfast in bed, the en suite Jacuzzi and spa services, and a private gourmet dinner in your room.
As they stood in a circle, they were to count off randomly, with only one person at a time saying the next number.
This book will let you count off the great ways numbers can used, everything from magic squares, to soccer balls and buckeyballs, to a number call pi that just keeps going and going and going.
Count off nine squares on each side and fold the panel into a triangle, Open the end to put around the gate on the animal's pen, and let the animal into the triangle.
Count off the miles, cheers from the crowd, all along the way, until we approach South Shields, nearing the tape, on this magic day.
County officials closed the vote count off to the public and the press for reasons of "homeland security.