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When the count down timer reaches zero, it begins a continuous beeping and the display counts up.
It will calculate how long a person is expected to live and it will even count down to the time of death.
Get together with my family, cook up a feast and do a count down.
Suddenly, two strangers invade their home and the events which take place soon after would only be known as The Count: a 10 second count down which will determine whether they live or die in a game conducted by a psychopath called Jericho.
A premature prezzie for most of us then, while all you sozzled Auld Lang Syners out there can still get your end-of-year Jools fix via his traditional televised count down of the dying moments of December 31.
The fairground will be open from noon until 10pm, while Tommy the Trumpeter will be on hand to entertain the crowds and count down to the fireworks.
Timers display three different times simultaneously, count down, and alarm.
The challenge took place as the youngsters count down to completing the refurbishment of two flats owned by RCT Homes.
* A built-in count down mechanism displaying the number of uses left and a "lock-out" failsafe function preventing additional use once the lifespan has expired.