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a lawyer who pleads cases in court

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(Editor's Note: This is part two of a column discussing strategies that will allow you to be a "helper" -- not simply a lawyer -- to your client and do justice to the oft-used de scriptor "counselor-at-law")
Rice stressed sheer realism, however, in <IR> STREET SCENE </IR> (1929, Pulitzer Prize), which depicts slum conditions; The Left Bank (1931), a portrayal of ineffectual expatriates; <IR> COUNSELOR-AT-LAW </IR> (1931), an unflattering picture of the legal profession.
Defendant Michael Diggs was recently sued by Malessa Blayee for persistent non-support.But the Petitioner argues the magistrate is conducting the matter in such a manner and form that provides a forum and opportunity for the 2nd respondent and her bag of extortionists and blackmailers to continuously broadcast his name and matter on national radio, thereby bringing serious disrespect against his person as a Counselor-At-Law.
It is at this point that you, as an attorney and counselor-at-law, can choose several potential strategies.