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Synonyms for counselor

one who advises another, especially officially or professionally

a person who practices law

Synonyms for counselor

someone who gives advice about problems

someone who has supervisory duties at a summer camp


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a lawyer who pleads cases in court

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But it is important for practicing school counselors to have a strong voice in the authorship of PSC articles.
Counterfactual thinking can be upward ("If I had stayed with my old job I would have much more retirement saved.") or downward ("If I had not moved to Michigan I would still have my old counselor").
Counselor Metacognition: Toward Improving Multicultural Competence in Career Counseling
Campers have to know beyond a doubt that the counselor is on their side and have their best interests at heart.
There is a constellation of considerations for counselors dealing with Asian American/ Pacific Islander clients.
Treating Police Stress: The Work and the Words of Peer Counselors is a "how-to" guide to establishing and utilizing a peer counseling program.
A school counselor can help troubled children--who might not even know how to express feelings or might not be aware they feel alone and scared--vent their frustrations or sadness.
there are 97,000 guidance counselors, representing a tiny 1.7 percent of all school personnel.
Just as rehabilitation counselors are so helpful through college, they also can aid the student with disabilities to transition to the workforce.
When examined by both gender and race of participants, counselor education graduate students' scores on Factor 1 (i.e., cognitive attitudes toward racial diversity) were higher than those of the sample used by Ponterotto et al.
The counselor and geneticist shouldn't let their personal feelings interfere with the couple's choice, he adds.
Conversely, 44 percent of the Counselor indicated that the retail sector would see a recovery in one-to-three years, and 58% said the industrial sector also would recover in one-to-three years.
This volunteer sharing allows the counselor several opportunities to briefly reinforce or coach students in this process.
As counselor educators, we are aware of an increased interest in career counseling in organizational settings and in career coaching.
For this article we will use the term online counseling to refer to counseling which does not occur in an office setting with both counselor and client in the same room or office but across some distance (Nickelson, 1998).
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