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(2003) offered suggestions concerning implementation of the ASCA National Model (2005) and praised the efforts of the Northern Virginia School Counseling Leadership Team (SCLT) to educate practicing professional school counselors, directors of school counseling programs, and school administrators in Northern Virginia about the model.
In asking for permission to conduct this survey, the comptroller was responding to the concerns of school counselors, district supervisors, and counseling organizations in the state.
When local district counseling supervisors, professional school counselors, leaders from professional organizations, counselor educators, and state-level administrators work together, they can advocate for the profession of school counseling.
Northern Virginia's School Counseling Leadership Team is one model developed to advocate for the transformed role of professional school counselors at the local, regional, and state levels.
The Northern Virginia SCLT started informally in 1999 when two counselor educators (the first and second authors) contacted supervisors of counseling from local school systems to set up individual meetings and discuss potential collaboration.
The following year, the third author came to Virginia after being a principal investigator of one of six DeWitt Wallace-Readers Digest grants to transform school counseling. In collaboration with the first two authors, he invited all of the Northern Virginia school district counseling supervisors to a meeting at their university.
The School Counseling Leadership Team has made significant impact in the commonwealth of Virginia through eight major accomplishments in 5 years.
The goals of that meeting were to establish dialogue about the role of the professional school counselor in Virginia, to propose that school counselors be placed on key statewide school planning committees, and to discuss the reinstatement of at least one permanent school counseling position in VDOE.
The Virginia School Board approved the final document in January 2004 under the new title, "Standards for School Counseling Programs in Virginia Public Schools" (Virginia Department of Education, 2004).
At the 2001 meeting with the VDOE School Board president, the issue of school counseling representation at the state level was discussed.
The passage of HB 1136 was the result of the collaborative efforts of professional school counselors, school counseling state association leadership, a legislator who strongly supports counselors, and supportive parents within many school communities throughout the state.
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