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The school district "recommended" that the clergy not proselytize students during these classroom counseling sessions.
It's encouraging to know that counselors who are equipped with success counseling techniques are rarely caught unprepared.
While rehabilitation counseling is the most common professional specialization selected by undergraduate majors, many students pursue graduate work in the rehabilitation specialties of vocational evaluation, work adjustment, rehabilitation administration, job replacement, and supported employment.
The Member Counseling Program instituted in 1989 is not FEI's first effort in assisting members relocate professionally.
It probably has always been a challenge for school counselors to balance the career development of students with the myriad of other counseling and administrative duties required each day.
The target group of the conference includes psychologists, mental health professionals, counselors specialized in all fields of counseling in public and private sector institutions, university professors in the field of counseling psychology, directors of counseling centers, units or offices, etc.
The major findings showed that most of the teachers agreed that guidance and counseling practices at university level are not available but the teachers are providing guidance and counseling services informally.
Second, the article provides multiple case studies which offer a framework for the ongoing issues involving counseling. Third, the article makes suggestions that would assist in resolving current issues in the existing counseling system.
The McClintock Center for Counseling & Psychological Services
This group includes Amy Milsom, the associate editor of Professional School Counseling (PSC), who provides invaluable assistance with both manuscript reviews and the development of CEU questions for published articles.
To promote effective decision making in the counseling process, rehabilitation professionals may benefit from understanding the basics of the neuro-cognitive mechanics of decision making.
Survey respondents were 23-29-year-old men who were recruited at venues frequented by men who have sex with men; those who agreed to participate completed standard interviews, had blood drawn for HIV testing, received HIV counseling and, if appropriate, were given a referral for care.
In fact, more than 1.5 million individuals filed for bankruptcy in 2004, according to Todd Mark, spokesman for Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Atlanta (CCCS).
They briefly summarize and critique extant career counseling models for racial/ethnic minority clients and then describe an expanded model for career counseling that incorporates metacognition processes for addressing counselor-related cultural factors.
The results of the study revealed that irrespective of students' residential status, gender, age and relationship status, the students ranked time-management as the most pressing counseling need.
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