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the position of council member

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The results showed that the Party also won all the Councillorship positions except in Adim Ward in Biase, where election was postponed to Saturday, the 28th because of what the Chairman of the Commission, Mr Patrick Out, described as envisaged problem right from the time of distribution of election materials.
15:30 Iranian envoy to Lebanon, Ghazanfar Roknabadi, gives go sign to the Iranian food aid convoy for the Palestinian refugees within camps, from the Iranian Cultural Councillorship towards the Airport Road.
In a fair contest for a councillorship candidacy or professional position, quality will out.
Henry Hadyn Jones, the Liberal MP for Meirionnydd, elected in 1910, noted in the Western Mail in 1934 "that every member who was returned for a Welsh constituency at the memorable general election of 1906, would from now on be given a special bonus in the form of a peerage, a Privy Councillorship, a knighthood, a county-court judgeship, legal preferment in the way of briefs at the hands of the Treasury, or a place in the government" before the end of their career.
470) He resigned his privy councillorship and asked the Prime Minister to revoke his baronetcy, but the King and Prime Minister refused to accede to his requests.