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the position of council member

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For instance, in the Region of Sicily, the political authority for Public Works is not only attributed to the Councillorship for Infrastructures; it is instead fragmented among several Councillorships according to the respective spheres of competence (28).
He said 1,447 candidates were also contesting LB elections for the seat of councillorship all the UCs of TTS.
In a fair contest for a councillorship candidacy or professional position, quality will out.
Politics and local councillorship was his goal and main aim for as long as he can remember and he'd just lost his seat which caused him great personal difficulties."
Could I thank David for all of the effort and work he put into his councillorship for the benefit of all the community of the Colne Valley and for the work he did through the area committee for the benefit of The Friends of Slaithwaite Spa in particular.
Muhammad said 147 candidates of the councillorship positions and 28 chairmanship and vice chairmanship candidates of the APC also won the elections in all the 14 local government areas of the state.
Party members complained about the mode of selection for councillorship and local government seats where due process was not followed.
For the FCT Area Council election, a total of 105 candidates are contesting for the six chairmanship positions while 701 candidates seek to occupy the 62 councillorship seats.
Such review will bring decency against the ridiculous gimmicks of presenting candidate for a high position without capability to even win councillorship position in the ward.
Running for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is now as easy as running for councillorship. So, we had 73 of them.
Every strata of Lagos politics has always been APC from councillorship to federal elections; the party has been winning all elections, from bottom to top, in the state since 1999 and it does not appear that anything would change on Saturday to alter the political calculations in the state.
He also disclosed that there were also 14,583 candidates for the State Assembly elections and 806 for the FCT Area Council elections comprised of 105 chairmanship candidates and 701 Councillorship candidates.
'On the whole, there are 1, 066 candidates for the governorship elections, 14, 583 for the State Assembly elections and 806 for the FCT Area Council elections broken down into 105 Chairmanship candidates and 701 councillorship candidates.
He said the committee worked very hard with the maximum cooperation of all the party's aspirants to bring together all members of the party in the FCT with the onerous task of getting the highest number of possible votes for the APC in the presidential, National Assembly and Area Council elections, also including also the councillorship elections.
The candidate of the All Progressives Congress, (APC), Mr Olufemi Nurudeen, on Tuesday, emerged winner of the Bariga Ward C (Orile Owode) Councillorship by-election in Bariga Local Council Development Area of Lagos State.
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