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That's one of the biggest windfalls in England, where income from council tax increased by an average of 5.7 per cent.
Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government data shows Wolverhampton Council received PS31.29 million in council tax between April and June this year.
This is a cumulative figure and includes arrears that may stretch back to the introduction of council tax in 1993.
The figure also includes appeals, where the council tax payer has contested a previous decision given on a proposal by the Valuation Tribunal.
The MSP for West Scotland said: "The SNP made a commitment that would see council tax rises limited to three per cent, but that has now been ripped up in order to get the support of the Greens in the Scottish Parliament.
Council leader Councillor Llinos Medi (right) said: "The authority faces a huge funding gap of around PS7m before any increase in council tax during 2019-20.
And the money we raise through council tax increases doesn't even come close to plugging that gap, which is why people see councils like ours having to cut services while increasing council tax.
Vale of Glamorgan Council has also revealed 19,839 court summonses were issued between 2013-14 and 2017-18 to people for non-payment of council tax.
| Blaenau Gwent council will increase council tax by 4.2% which will bring in an extra PS1.3m.
MORE than 120 homeowners in Kirklees had their council tax bills reduced after they challenged how much they should pay.
COVENTRY City Council is owed more than PS12.5million in unpaid council tax, according to a new report.
The issue here is that many rules surrounding Council Tax are set by the individual local authorities concerned, so what discounts - if any - are available is hugely variable.
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