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the table that conferees sit around as they hold a meeting

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A No 10 spokeswoman said: "I don't think that anyone sat around the council table in Brussels at the extraordinary Foreign Affairs Council last week thought that Britain was playing an irrelevant role when we were pushing hard for a unanimous, strong and united message on the situation in Russia and Ukraine and leading the way on further work on sanctions.
I really enjoyed my term on council and enjoyed interacting with the residents and taking part in the community activities, along with sitting at the council table trying to make the decisions to guide us on the right path forward, so it was always something that was in the back of my mind," he said.
There were few changes in the makeup of Brant county council after last Monday's municipal election, but two new faces will now be seen at the council table.
Like a 'wise old owl' at the Council table, Roz always stood in the shoes of others to give us a perspective we might have otherwise missed.
The scientists referred to the latest proposals on the European Council table for the multiannual financial framework (MFF) 2014-2020, which provide for cuts in the competitiveness heading (1a) that includes research.
It would be an important advantage for Seoul to take a seat at the council table when the U.
status from "observer" to "non-member observer state," which will afford them more privileges within the Assembly, such as a seat at the Security Council table and recognition as a state.
He failed to convince in three matches against West Indies and was left out when this heavyweight battle at the top of the International Cricket Council table began at The Oval last month.
She remembers one of the meetings when The VRG's booth was located right beside the National Pork Producers Council table, "a situation that piqued the ire of the two large women perched on barstools at that table.
A quirk of chronology and a decision progressively to slim down the number of seats around the ROA council table have combined to add extra interest to the election, whose outcome will be announced at the organisation's annual meeting on July 10.
They will begin that task in a three-match series against West Indies, set to get under way at Lord's next month, and hope to complete it in a second three-Test assignment with South Africa - their closest pursuers in the International Cricket Council table.
and touches uncle Cabinet approves renewal of both cellular companies for one year Moscow: Assad is neither a friend nor an ally Washington: Rule of terror will end Paris: Our responsibility to end the shameful silence Syria on Security Council table DAILY STAR: Russia, West face off on Syria at U.
It is no longer possible for Russia or any other major power to sit at the Security Council table, or at the table where it drafts its strategic policies, and dictate to Arab and other peoples what it deems appropriate.
1) 'Clinical reality' vital at Nursing Council table.
Present at the ongoing 2009 Gulf Cooperation Council Table Tennis Championship at Al Nasr Club, was Khalid Al Salhy, chairman of the ITTF Calendar Working Group, which does a feasibility study of the infrastructure and the management capability available at venues around the world.
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