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a room where a committee meets (such as the board of directors of a company)


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She stated in her letter (Right people in right job, The Gazette 16.05.19) that "unlike Councillor McTigue, I do not believe that experience alone in the council chamber is sufficient" - meaning to hold an executive position in the new mayor's cabinet.
A REVAMP of the council chamber in Huddersfield Town Hall is on the cards.
A large display of photographs and memorabilia showing the history of Mold over the last 150 years, along with the historic Council Chamber will be available for the public to view as doors open from 10am until 6.30pm on Friday, November 2 and 10am until 1pm on Saturday, November 3, entry is free of charge.
That offers them increased facility to further stifle political opposition in the council chamber.
to travel Caers, "In some ways, the council chamber is fit for purpose as inquests are held there, and civil cases would probably be straightforward enough.
According to a long-standing legend in Nova Scotia's Province House, future premier Joseph Howe, renowned for successfully defending himself against criminal libel, had his own door to the Legislative Council chamber installed so that he could observe the proceedings as he pleased.
SIR - I would like to respond to Christopher Short's letter in particular his comments about whether national or local politicians have refused pay rises and in the case of Vale of Glamorgan councillors whether they have refused to sit on their new PS800 chairs in the recently refurbished council chamber.
AN animal-loving councillor is swapping the council chamber for the pub when he comperes a charity quiz tonight.
Newtownabbey councillor Robert Hill said it "was hot in the council chamber and I needed a drink" during Monday night's debate.
The demonstrators calmly walked into the landmark building and unfurled a banner in the council chamber - with not a single member of security staff in sight.
Performed in the round in Cardiff City Hall's council chamber, this is an interpretation that questions our own political system and sheds new light on a text that has a timeless resonance.
I NOTE that I have been mentioned in your article concerning the possibility that Coun Foster could be removed from the council chamber for using Twitter.
FOR anyone who attends debates at Liverpool's council chamber, the damning report by the Audit Commission will come as no surprise.
It will house the municipal offices, as well as the Council chamber and courtroom, a new community room and administrative offices for the Police Department.
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