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Synonyms for abide

Synonyms for abide

to continue to be in a place

to stop temporarily and remain, as if reluctant to leave

to be in existence or in a certain state for an indefinitely long time

to have as one's domicile, usually for an extended period

abide by: to act in conformity with

Synonyms for abide

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One object I also couldn't abide was a book on skin diseases, given to me for my medical collection.
One critic who couldn't abide the movie's detours into romance was The Nation's James Agee: "This is probably the most deadly-accurate picture that will ever be made of what war looks like through the lenses of a housewives'-magazine romance."
"He wanted the best for people and he couldn't abide injustice, whether in this country or anywhere else."
The 31-year-old Middlesex opener said: "If I thought something wasn't right and I couldn't abide by it I'd have to consider my position.
Richard couldn't abide her late entrances during rehearsals and Marilyn didn't like what she wrongly perceived to be his pompous attributes personified as the quintessential Englishman.
(The Saddam-controlled labor union was for a time in the 1980s headed by Ali Hassan al-Majid, the Hussein loyalist who would later become infamous as the war criminal "Chemical Ali.") In 1987, Saddam decided he couldn't abide even this arrangement, and effectively banned trade unions in the public sector, where the majority of people worked.
Washington was a private citizen at the time (a somewhat cash-strapped one at that) and had always been a great champion of the canal system, but he couldn't abide the thought that his acceptance might be seen as a payoff.
One explanation is that the mainly Protestant Americans couldn't abide the Eastern Christians' attachment to Catholic France, or their devotion to the outward trappings of religion at the expense of spirituality.
At the same time, he couldn't abide facile equations between criminal desperadoes and the legalized murder machinery of a state.
We can go another season without the European Cup, but I couldn't abide another year without the title, particularly if it goes down the East Lancs again.
But as a devoutly religious man of his time, Brahe couldn't abide the "macro" reality so he came up with a creative solution: proposing that the sun and its associated planets obediently circled the Earth!
Often enough these stories were about reconciliation, about forgiving parents and friends who couldn't abide the central character's orientation, about letting go of old hurts and trying to accept one another for who we really are.
I couldn't abide them at first but now I love them.
But with our sales people tightly woven into teams, we couldn't abide the traditional two- to three-day callout interval vendors require for non-emergency work.
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