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a sudden noisy expulsion of air from the lungs that clears the air passages

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Again came a fit of coughing and the terrible haemorrhage.
Are you there?" There was no answer, but I heard a crash of something falling in the stable, and the next moment I gave a loud, joyful neigh, for I saw James coming through the smoke leading Ginger with him; she was coughing violently, and he was not able to speak.
The company believes that a highly selective P2X3 antagonist can reduce coughing in patients with chronic cough, while maintaining taste function, by not inhibiting P2X2/3 receptors.
Here are some of the tried and tested natural ways to relieve coughing.
Leakage of urine when coughing is usually caused by a form of stress incontinence leading to urine incontinence.
While there's little you can do to completely shelter yourself from the germs that cause tickly chests and persistent coughing, you can minimise the life span of the bug and get yourself back on the road to recovery.
In adult patients with acute cough (less than 3 weeks' duration) or subacute cough (3-8 weeks), the guidelines recommend that physicians consider four key characteristics: the presence of recurrent, prolonged coughing episodes with an inability to breathe during the spell (paroxysmal); posttussive vomiting; inspiratory whooping; and presence of fever.
And this is where you will face a typical dilemma of the coughing season: to soldier on spluttering in meetings, hacking into your handkerchief, or to stay home tucked up under your duvet only to lose hard-won brownie points with your boss.
"Its main characteristic is repeated coughing fits that last for a long period of time and end with a 'whoop' as the sufferer desperately tried to get air back into their lungs.
After a week with a dry cough, 16-year-old Ian McCracken started experiencing middle-of-the-night coughing fits so severe, he couldn't talk.
Besides it, the intensity of coughing, the pattern of coughing, and the acoustic properties of cough sounds may be used as clinical endpoints [3, 8].
If the patient has an abdominal or chest incision, he or she can hold a pillow or rolled blanket over the incision (splinting) for support and pain reduction during coughing (Hoch, 2016).
Small doses of sufentanil will produce violent coughing in young children.