couch potato

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an idler who spends much time on a couch (usually watching television)

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'Couch Potato's mission is to spread good fries for every Juan with the first and only Piso refill [available for three large servings and above].
We will continue to enable communities with a line of products and affiliations that will link in with Couch Potato. Some of our goals are:
Couch Potato works to free up time in these situations and more.
First, the team found that PPARa couch potato mice have the optimal metabolic switch, but lack the muscle fiber switch.
No more couch potato for me, I feel fit as a fiddle - despite being in my late 60s!
British potato farmers are out to ban the couch potato. No, not the people who sit in front of TV all day--the epithet for those people, reportedly coined in 1982.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary the term 'couch potato' started life as American slang.
will today begin a campaign to get 'couch potato' struck from the dictionary, in favour of the term 'couch slouch'.
Campaigners want the term 'couch potato' removed from the dictionary - as it's giving the spud a bad name.
On the other hand, Rosie says nothing nice about her brother (a couch potato and budding dope dealer), her mother (a beautician with orange hair), her father (long gone), or her uncle (the real reason her grandfather was sent away).
For example, a "couch potato" could eventually become a marathoner, but the definition of success for this person may be to break six hours by maintaining a fast-walking pace, instead of running in an attempt to break four hours.
Those are all viable explanations, but another undoubtedly is their own affinity for the couch and remote control - a clear case of "couch potato see, couch potato do."
Couch potato, all eyes, yet blind, I limited my primary viewing to BBC, with occasional side surfs in the hopes of catching one of the Fox, MSNBC, or CNN correspondents I loathe under really uncomfortable conditions.
In a survey, they claim they are the epitome of 'new men' like the England captain but in reality they bear a worrying resemblance to The Simpsons' beer-drinking couch potato.
Her husband, Jay, is a couch potato whose biggest thrill is going out to eat.