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Old World ground-living cuckoo having a long dagger-like hind claw

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Terrestrial crabs, carabid, drilid and lampyrid beetles, and snail eating birds, such as coucals, francolins and guineafowl, are potential predators, as are the larger lizards (e.g., Varanus spp.) and a number of omnivorous mammals such as baboons, mongooses, genets, civets, otters, honey badgers, jackals and some rodents, as well as insectivores such as shrews and hedgehogs.
Mousebirds; Turacos; Old World Cuckoos; Coucals; New World Cuckoos; Hoatzin; Anis; Ground Cuckoos; Barn Owls; Owls; Oilbird; Frogmouths Podardidae.
38 De Schauensee, 258, 262, 290 The malkohas and coucals are non-parasitic nesters, exceptional in the Cuculidae family.
Evolution of reversed sex roles, sexual size dimorphism, and mating system in coucals (Centropodidae, Aves).
Long brown feathers stick out of the radiator vents, from when Cecily couldn't stop in time for the coucal that dashed across the road in front of her.