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embryonic leaf in seed-bearing plants


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Then, the cotyledons were separated from the seeds and used as starting material.
The present study observed the initial germination, as evidenced by cotyledon petiole protrusion in T1 and T2, on the 18th day (432 hours), and in T3 and T4 on the 12th after the beginning the test (288 hours), characterizing phase III of imbibition.
Due to its higher morphogenetic potential, cotyledon explants were selected for studying callus growth kinetics.
urticae were confined under a clip cage, but infestation was initiated on the first true leaves rather than cotyledons. Clip cages were removed after 48 h but treatment (d 0) was delayed to 14 d post-infestation, rather than 7 d.
Maternal cotyledons are 15 to 30 and each cotyledon receives 2 to 3 stem villi.
The authors observed up to 15.12 shoots per cotyledon explant (STOJICIC et al., 2012).
Lesions that appear on the cotyledons are small, water-soaked and pale in colour, chlorotic (yellow) or necrotic (brown).
One month after seed culturing, when grown plantlets were about 5 cm in height, about 0.5 cm of each explant including hypocotyl and cotyledon was prepared.
Liz Morgan, of Ultimate Arcade Cabinets, Katherine Hughes, from the Caerphilly Miners Club, and Marsha Ward, from The Numbers Hub, are up for the Women in Business Award, while G.C Enterprises Wales Ltd and Cotyledon Ltd have also been shortlisted for the Contribution to the Rural Economy Award with Glyn Davies Auctioneers.
Explants selected were leaf, stem, cotyledon, internode and apical bud.
The cotyledon hybrids are the easiest to grow - Ashwood Nurseries from Kingswinford, near Wolverhampton, have developed a wide range of beautiful cotyledon hybrids.
After 13 days of infection of the sunflower inbred line 'FU', the zoosporangia and sporangiophores suspensions for 20 single zoosporangium isolates were obtained by grouping all sporulated cotyledons in a small container and adding 1 ml of physiological water for each cotyledon (9g NaCl+1L sterilized water).
A succulent (Echeveria gibbfflora) and a finger aloe (Cotyledon orbiculata oblonga) fill out the front.