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Colonies with pink color and cottony appearance were identified as Fusarium spp.
Using an original mechanism, waste paper is transformed into long, thin cottony, fibers.
Grey cottony clouds loom overhead, threatening rain or snow--or both.
And this, he says--kneeling to scrape white, cottony fluff from a prickly pear--is cochineal, an insect that produces a carmine-colored dye when its pod is squeezed.
terreus Shape of sporangium Globuse Round Spores shape on Abundant aerial Abundant aerial myecelia mycelia, round sphore mycelia, sphore are are round round Structure of hyphae Long hyphae, septate Long hyphae, septate Colony colour Brown surface, light Brown surface with brown reverse outside white ring, tan reverse Colony texture Flat and easy to form Flat, cottony and new colony velvety Isolated fungi Characteristics CO1 strain of A.
In "A Cottony Fate"--a complete meditation in three couplets--Hirshfield writes, "Long ago, someone / told me: avoid or.
colonies on the PDA plate with margin initially white to grey and dark grey over time, fluffy surface and cottony aerial mycelium (Figure 1A).
Some winter shrubs have colours bright, Red dogwood, Viburnums, sarococca, all a cheerful sight, Cottony asters, winter jasmine, forsythia and holly, Make the scene bright and rather jolly.
A soldier stops, kneels and pfff, gone, vanished, all ears ringing in the silent rain of dust, blood dry as rock and sand, as a pebble placed in one's dry, cottony mouth to cure a desiccated tongue to allow speech, but there is none, all vanished in the heat of vaporization as he saw his Christian friend disappear, an IED that could slash and gut a Humvee, turned just at that moment to see him kneel and pfff nothing left because all is vanity, and what stays is the nothing that is there and is not there; his face recedes, his name, not even a replacement because time is short and the mission, the prayer, pfff, an image not an image staying and staying because where else the scripture that explains pfff .
We do something called Milly-La-Foret which is fresh, crisp and cottony.
marshy smells, cottony reflections of mountains hovering,
Gleba grayish black cottony to powdery pulverulent.
A cottony fiber extracted from the pods of the ceiba tree, kapok was cultivated in the rainforests of Asia.
ENORMOUS FLAKES OF cottony snow seemed to hang suspended, an illusion of the windless air.
Somehow, they feel both cottony and watery and, in my mind, spiritual enough to presage an untimely death.