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Synonyms for cotton

to live or act together in harmony

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

Synonyms for cotton

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The main difficulties in OD D&S are the high similarities with other large bright lesions (e.g., cottonwool spots).
The car moves in and out of white cottonwool fleece.
That walk used to take between 16 and 20 hours, depending on the weather and, at the end of it, all I wanted to do was eat a whole side of cow and go to sleep with my feet in a cottonwool sling.
"It is hard to get your head around it all and your brain, as they tell you it will, seems to turn to cottonwool," he explains.
It was not so long ago that Henrietta Knightwas being criticised in some quarters of her cottonwool treatment of three times Gold Cup winner Best Mate.
'Wrap 'em up in cottonwool' is the new mantra for new-age parents.
And when he turned his imagination to surreal-ismMcBean'photographs (disembodied heads and other curiosities showed his mastery of the medium, hence the day's preparation for a shot, the cottonwool clouds, the quantities of real sand, the dozens of yards of cotton scrim and the buckets of plaster of Paris in the studio.
Protocol for insertion and maintenance of central venous catheters * Clean the skin around the insertion site over a wide area by rubbing for 2 minutes with sterile gauze or cottonwool soaked in a chlorhexidine gluconate-containing solution.
Fed upwrapping her child in cottonwool, New York journalist Lenore Skenazy gave in to her boy's nagging to let him ride the subway on his own.
Afterwards, skim over your face with a cottonwool bud to take off any excess.
I have a cardboard box (the one our first decent TV came in, so you know how big it is) stuffed with enough baubles, bells, Santas with tired cottonwool beards, fairies minus wings and legless robins to dress the tree in Trafalgar Square.
on a slab of aluminum, drops of food colouring added to homogenized milk, deflection of a stream of water by static electricity, and invisible ink, identification of smells (cottonwool moistened with various liquids such as eugenol, cinnaldehyde or with a bit of solid in the case of menthol and camphor.
Cole, Pamela: Cottonwool sandwiches: tales of a country childhood.
This type of diaper dominates the markets of North America and some areas in Europe, such as Sweden.(3) Disposable disapers contain cottonwool fibers from which urine specimen can be extracted by compressing the wet fibers.
The doktaboy examined the baby, found nothing, and they poured medicine on a piece of cottonwool and rubbed it on the baby's back, they rubbed and rubbed and gave him an injection.