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A piece of card with an inspiring or reassuring quote can help, while spraying a favourite scent on a piece of cotton wool promotes calm and a sense of comfort.
The incident involving the cotton wool came a month later.
I must have bought many rolls of cotton wool before I finally purchased the necessary items.
It did the job but still took several cotton wool pads-worth to get it all off.
You'll see him walking around wrapped in cotton wool for the next two weeks.
If you wish, you can tie your 'dreams' to little clouds of cotton wool before popping them into the jar.
His dad Simon said at the time: "I was clearing up Laurie's room and picked up cotton wool that was lying about.
Now all I needed was some nice cotton wool pads to clean them off.
Clever clogs at a Welsh council used cotton wool and the contents of their stationery cupboard to rival one of the most popular commercials on telly right now - taking on department store giant John Lewis.
The featured medical supplies for this newsletter will be AdvaCare's Cotton Wool, Digital Thermometers and Infusion (IV) Sets.
The anterior one contains the tobacco, the posterior one a plug of cotton wool, which can be renewed as required.
43pm 19 FEB 2010 I SAID last year that we'd wrap Sublimity up in cotton wool after the Leopardstown gallops, but he and I are a year older now so the bar has been moved and it's this week that the cotton wool goes on.
Dip pieces of cotton wool in the bowl of cold water.
The pupil who was hurt was dressed as a snowman and covered head to foot in cotton wool," he said.
3) found evidence of retinal hemorrhage, macular edema, cotton wool spots, retinal vasculitis, exudative retinal detachment, and anterior uveitis.