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Feed conversion ratio of major carp Cirrhinus mrigala fingerlings fed on cotton seed meal, fish meal and barley.
Here, cotton seed meal used for shrimp food is highlighted in one of a series of print ads developed by Archer Malmo.
(2006) observed better growth in hybrid (Catla catla x Labeo rohita) on sunflower meal (1.620.0 g) than cotton seed meal (1.610.01 g) and bone meal (1.520.0 g).
Significantly higher growth performance, specific growth rate (SGR) and better food conversion ratio (FCR) in T3 and T1 than rest of the treatments suggested that guar meal and cotton seed meal, and guar meal and canola meal are better option to include in future feed formulations for maximum performance and minimum feed wastage.
Two factors were protein sources (Canola meal, cotton seed meal, corn gluten meal 30% and sunflower meal) and probiotic level (0 and 50 g/ton).
The company has one of the few cotton seed crushing businesses in Brazil, producing several products from cotton seeds: Vegetable oil, which contains no "trans fat" and is used as input in the food industry, Linter (the material around the cotton seeds), used for special products such as money paper and LCD screens and cotton seed meal, used as animal feed.
discus hannai were fed diets containing each of the following carbohydrate sources: wheat flour, dextrin, sucrose, potato starch, or as a mixture combined with practical ingredients such as soybean meal, corn gluten meal, cotton seed meal, and wheat flour.
He recommends cotton seed meal as a potential soil improver.
However, most of the harness for the horses went up in flames, as did two tons of cotton seed meal that Dad had just got in.
The latest research, to quote just one example alone, suggests up to 15 per cent-use of cotton seed meal alone provided the deficiency of limiting amino acid - lysine, is made up through synthetic sources.
Protein rich feedstuffs include blood meal, fish meal, meat and bone meal, oil seed meals (cotton seed meal, soya bean meal, sunflower meal, ground nut meal), maize germ, corn gluten meal, prosopis pods, beans, peas, insects and earthworms.Energy should constitute more than 75 per cent of the diet.
Comparative evaluation of cotton seed meal and sunflower seed meal in urea molasses blocks versus commercial concentrate as supplement to basal ration of wheat straw with stall-fed buffalo calves.
Three momarsa for the supply of different raw materials for the fodder factory in El Marj including (a) 1,500 tons imported yellow dent corn of grade 2 & 350 tons extracted cotton seed meal, (b) 1,500 tons extracted sunflower seeds meal, also (b) 2,000 tons local or imported wheat bran, also (c) 100,000 brand new white plastic sacks, 800 tons crushed peanut pales, 20 tons premix for growing calves, 1.5 tons anti fungus, biological anti toxic and growth enhancer, also 5 tons chemical antitoxic among others.
While, using high level of cotton seed meal in the diet, it can further improve total feed intake, milk yield, milk composition and milk income in dairy cows (Wanapat et al., 2012).
The study points out that quality of cotton seed products is impaired by the presence of a terpenoid compound gossypol, which causes discolouration in cotton seed oil and in egg yolks when cotton seed meal is fed to poultry, reduces availability of lysine in cotton seed protein, and causes toxicity if cotton seed meal is fed in excess to poultry.