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to live or act together in harmony

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

Synonyms for cotton

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When they allowed livestock to graze on the Bt cotton plants after harvest, thousands of sheep, goats, and buffalo died.
In the other study, Xiao-Ya Chen and his colleagues at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai used a similar trick to increase the cotton bollworm's sensitivity to gossypol, a defense chemical produced by the cotton plant.
This could also be due to the toxic gene in the Bt cotton plants. Even the CICR is expecting a maximum yield of 4 quintals per acre in 10 acres of Bt cotton being grown under the Institute Village Linkage Program (IVLP).
Dr Curt Brubaker, Dr Helen McFadden and their colleagues at CSIRO Plant Industry and Dr Natalie Moore's team at QDPI are searching for a solution in the gene pools of native Australian cotton plants.
One cotton variant may indeed grow to the size of a small tree, but most cotton plants are very low and shrub-like.
This policy imposes extensive and expensive regulatory requirements on field tests of gene-spliced cotton plants that have increased resistance to insects, for example, but exempts plants with virtually identical traits that were engineered by cruder, less-predictable hybridization techniques.
The c-line was maintained on cotton plants and the s-line was maintained on cucumber plants that constitutively produce cucurbitacins (Cucumis sativus var.
He places an icon, usually an enlarged photograph, in the center of a mixed-media assemblage or sets it into a recessed niche, before which he sometimes puts found objects like old pharmaceutical bottles containing cotton plants or tobacco.
Winter cereal species and planting date had only a small effect on mainstem node number and height of the lowest boll on the cotton plants (Table 6).
The withdrawal is the latest blow to Roundup Ready cotton, which contains a synthetic gene produced by Monsanto that makes cotton plants tolerate Monsanto's Roundup herbicide.
The CSIRO scientists are working to develop transgenic cotton plants whose offspring will inherit the HaSV genes and produce protective viral particles.
If rainwater became stagnant in the cotton field for more than 48 hours, it causes death of the cotton plants, he said and advised the farmers to immediately drain out the stagnant rainwater from cotton fields.
The cotton plants in Punjab and Sindh are so far satisfactory and no major pest attack or adverse development has been reported.
This study was investigated the mitigation effect of HA on growth, photosynthesis, water use efficiency (WUE), nutritional status and yields of salt-stressed cotton plants grown for two seasons at two different sites with ECe of 3.46 and 12.86 dS m-1.
In this way, knowing the response of the cotton plants to different amounts of water, in environments such as the semiarid, is very important for economic comparisons between the agricultural options for the region.